In this section, you will find a number of resources that you can consult and use in your efforts to conserve your important heritage resource.

Town Planning Scheme and Heritage Policies

Heritage provisions are included in the Town Planning Scheme to promote and safeguard the cultural heritage of the City by:

  • identifying, conserving and enhancing those places which are of significance to Vincent’s cultural heritage;
  • encouraging development that is in harmony with the cultural heritage value of the area; and
  • promoting public awareness of cultural heritage generally,

Heritage Policies 

Additional Resources

Municipal Heritage Inventory Nomination From

Municipal Heritage Inventory Amendment Form

Researching the History of Your Home

Flowchart: Relationship of State and Federal Heritage Systems

Housing Style Information

The City’s Heritage Services have prepared a series of Housing Style Information Brochures based on the common housing styles in the City. The brochures provide detail on the origins and distinct features of local housing types and can be downloaded below:

Weatherboard Dwellings

Late Colonial Georgian Dwellings

Federation Bungalows

Inter-war Californian Bungalows

Post-war Bungalows

Conservation Plans

North Perth Police Station

Beatty Park and Leisure Centre

Mackays Aerated Water Factory

Hyde Park Conservation Plan: Introduction and Documentary Evidence

Hyde Park Conservation Plan: Physical Evidence

Hyde Park Conservation Plan: Assessment of Significance and Conservation Policy

Lee Hop’s Cottage Conservation Plan

Lee Hop’s Market Garden Archaeological Investigations