Neighbourhood Map


It’s a little-known fact that we have a map dedicated to providing you with the locations of a huge variety of local treasures around Vincent. All communities, including Vincent, have a wonderful, wide array of people doing great things, and this map is a great way to get out there and explore the local delights in your area, and connect with your community. The comprehensive map covers community networks, spaces and places within the City of Vincent.

Find all the info you need by either selecting a point of interest directly on the map, choosing an item from the list or searching for a name.

The categories include:

  • City of Vincent facilities, parks and reserves
  • education
  • environment
  • family
  • older adults
  • recreation
  • support and connection
  • town teams, co-working spaces and social enterprise
  • young people

You’ll be able to see details of all the exciting community organisations including location, a quick description and their contact details if you want to know more.

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