Annual Reports

Each year, the City of Vincent publishes an Annual Report to review all the projects undertaken and services provided in the previous financial year, alongside with financial reports.

The reports aim to provide clear and condensed information about the City of Vincent activities to its residents. They also help the City to reflect and refine its public services, year after year.

Message from the CEO

"The results and outcomes outlined in this year’s Annual Report demonstrate the benefit of a strong focus on planning for the future. Council adopted a new 10-year Strategic Community Plan which included the City’s commitment to providing underground power in all residential streets. This will have a transformative, greening and cooling effect throughout our streets and suburbs. Delivering this program will be a strong focus for the organisation and will involve close engagement with our residents. An updated Long Term Financial Plan places the City in a strong position to support the underground power program. […] This Annual Report shows that we are getting the balance right between continuity and change. Collaboration between teams is a key driver of success at Vincent. Our staff often work together to deliver major strategic projects and the plans that matter most to the community. We are protecting and promoting the important heritage, character and close community connections we have throughout Vincent. At the same time, we are working to maintain the vibrancy in our town centres and ensuring we renew and upgrade our parks, reserves and facilities to the standard our community expects. This report outlines many achievements from a dedicated and hard-working Council and staff here at Vincent – I thank them all for their efforts."


Current Annual Report


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