Solar options for businesses

In order to install solar PV systems it is essential to have the permission of the building owner.

If you own the building, then you can install solar in a similar way to a residential owner-occupier. You will save on your electricity costs and give back to the environment.

If you are ready to buy, businesses within the City of Vincent can take advantage of discounts on solar through the Switch Your Thinking program's Rewards for Residents initiative. Check out their solar offers here.

Don’t have the upfront capital to invest in solar for your business?

  • Consider a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) where the PPA Provider, usually the solar PV system seller, takes on ownership and maintenance of the solar system and you purchase the solar electricity from them.
  • Consider a loan to purchase solar PV system outright. The Clean Energy Finance Corporation may be able to assist small business with co-financing.
  • You could even lease a solar PV system.
  • If all else fails consider implementing these energy saving tips within your business website