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As Vincent continues to grow and prosper, the demand for finite kerbside space will continue to increase and effective planning and management is critical going forward. Following careful consideration of community feedback, together with analysis of what other comparable councils are doing to manage their parking challenges, at the 5 April 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council revised the City's Parking Permits Policy.

The City of Vincent has now moved to an electronic parking permit system (e-permits). An E-Permit account can be created by eligible residents who meet the criteria outlined in the Parking Permits Policy.

With an E-Permit account:

  • The E-Permit can be used for both residents and/or visitors.
  • Your E-Permit(s) is still only valid within a particular zone.
  • The E-Permit account can be created by either the owner, managing agent or tenant. *Note that only one account can be created per property.
  • There is no change to the number of eligible permits per type of dwelling, where a house may continue to have up to three (3) active permits.
  • The E-Permit allows vehicles, once they are 'Active' to park in areas designated “Permit Holders Excepted” within the relevant zone.
  • The E-Permit also exempts vehicles from complying with parking time restrictions, 1 hour or more, in the relevant zone so issued.
  • The E-Permit does not authorise parking in the following areas; ACROD bays, No Stopping Zones, Clearways, 15/30 minute Parking Bays, Loading Zones and Ticket Machine Zones.
  • The E-Permit is not valid for vehicles that are not registered, disused, oversized, or causing an obstruction.
  • The E-Permit does not exempt the driver from the provisions of the Road Traffic Code or offences under the City’s Parking Local Laws, including but not limited to limitations for an offence.

Apply for a Residential Parking Permit

You can apply for a Residential Parking Permit (E-Permit) online or in person at the City's Customer Service Centre, 244 Vincent Street, corner of Loftus Street, Leederville, Western Australia 6007, during normal business hours. You will need to provide Proof of Occupancy e.g. your current rate notice or current rental agreement. This can be emailed to,with the address in the subject line or provided in person to the Customer Relations team.

Residential parking restrictions apply in some areas and failure to have an 'Active' E-Permit may result in an Infringement Notice being issued.

Which parking zone is my property in?

The City of Vincent contains nine different parking zones - and your permit is valid only within that particular zone. Permits are not valid on the boundary roads of zones.

Please view the map below to see which parking zone your property is in. 

Parking Zone 1

Parking Zone 2

Parking Zone 3

Parking Zone 4

Parking Zone 5

Parking Zone 6

Parking Zone 7

Parking Zone 8

Parking Zone 9

How many permits am I eligible for?

Below is the number of permits available for the relevant property:

 Type of dwelling Number of permits
 Single house (detached) 3
 Group dwelling (i.e: townhouse) 2
 Multi dwelling (i.e: apartment, unit) 1 (some prohibitions do apply; see Parking Permits Policy)

HBF Park Parking Exclusion Zone

If you reside in one of the following streets, you may be eligible to create an e-permits account.

  • Joinery Mews
  • Plunkett Street
  • Court Street
  • Chertsey Street
  • Stirling Street between Lincoln Street and Broome Street
  • Smith Street between Lincoln Street and Broome Street
  • Wright Street between Lincoln Street and Broome Street
  • Broome Street between Wright Street and Stirling Street

Parking restrictions around HBF Park


    Parking Permits Policy

    Parking Permits Conditions

    Verge Parking - Application Form & Conditions

    More Information 

    Please contact the City’s Ranger Services team by email at or by telephone on 9273 6000.

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