Repair Cafe Perth Celebrates a Year of Repairing

Published: Monday, 19 November 2018 at 4:55:54 PM

Repair Cafe Perth had its first repair session in November 2017. Sponsored by the City of Vincent, it operates monthly events in Mount Hawthorn, where visitors bring broken items from home and repair them with the help of a volunteer expert. 

To date, 801 broken items have been brought into events, with 490 leaving completely repaired. Many items still go on to be repaired after the event by the owner with our advice or by a service we've referred the owner to. Volunteers have helped the public to repair furniture, clothing, bikes, laptops and other household items.

Repair Cafe Perth joins over 1,600 repair cafes worldwide, and was the first to start in WA. Repair Cafe Perth has helped other repair cafes to start up, providing advice and handing over procedures and know-how to help them along in areas including Bassendean, Fremantle, West Stirling and Narrogin where similar events now run by locals.

Last weekend, Repair Cafe Perth celebrated its first birthday at a monthly repair session. A total of 60 things were brought in for repair including a frying pan, bike, cardigan, air-conditioner remote, trolley, vase, door stop, wooden drawer, and electronic picture frame. Lots of happy people went home with repaired things!

John Carey and Emma Cole gave great speeches and Lawley's Bakery and Cafe donated a massive birthday cake. 

Here is a quote from a happy visitor:

"My musical box which I had given up on finding someone who could fix it was magically fixed today." 

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