Budget 2022/23 

The City of Vincent’s 2022/23 Budget was adopted on 5 July 2022.

This Budget continues Vincent’s progress toward long-term financial sustainability, and a maturing approach to financial and asset management.

It responds to the impact of COVID-19 on the City’s revenue and more recent inflationary pressures driving up the cost of projects, materials and insurance.

In preparing the Differential Rates and Minimum Rates for 2022/23, Vincent has applied a 7.6% increase to all categories, with the exception of a 0.9% increase on vacant-residential minimum payments.

This includes a 2.1% contribution to an underground power rolling fund.

For more information, you can consult our rates page:

Rates Information



Dear Vincent community,

For two years our focus has been on keeping rate rises to an absolute minimum and supporting our most vulnerable community members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We now have three big issues to focus on – inflation and rising costs, the maintenance of our ageing assets and the incredible opportunity to roll out underground power across Vincent.

Just over two per cent of your rate rise will be set aside to create a rolling fund for transformative underground power projects in our neighbourhoods and town centres.

We’ve already secured underground power for a third of households at the most affordable price we’ve seen in decades, and we were recently invited to partner with Western Power on another five projects that should cover most of Vincent.

This budget will allow us to prepare for this golden opportunity, approach financial headwinds responsibly and focus on long-term sustainability.

Emma Cole




A once-in-a-generation project with Western Power to deliver affordable underground power to Vincent is underway, starting with three areas.

We will soon sign an MOU with Western Power to secure another five project areas to cover almost all of Vincent, with the goal of Underground Power on every street.

  • Tree canopy will flourish, and streets will be cooler and more walkable.
  • New light posts and LED street lighting.
  • Detailed design work is happening now.
  • If you have already paid to connect to a green dome you will not pay another connection fee.
  • The projects cover commercial precincts as well as residential areas.

More information on fees and charges will be provided following detailed design.

To find out about our Underground Power Power, visit our dedicated page:

Underground Power


  • $6.3 million is being invested in the basics: roads, drainage, footpaths, parks and playgrounds.
  • We’ve secured State Government funding to build a youth skate space in Mount Hawthorn, with works starting early 2023.
  • New multi-sport courts at Robertson Park, including netball $232,000.
  • Banks Reserve toilets $200,000.
  • Returning Haynes Street Reserve to a park $340,000.
  • $2.2 million injection into Beatty Park including upgrades to indoor pool changerooms and grandstand electrical work.

Our investment in maintenance and renewal means we will meet the asset sustainability target.



  • The redevelopment of Vincent’s Leederville car parks will add to the area’s buzzing street life and unique heritage while bringing extra parkland, people and multi-storey public car parking.
  • In collaboration with the Small Business Development Corporation, we will make it easier for small businesses to start, grow and thrive in Vincent.
  • Local businesses will get more help setting up eatlets, parklets and street furniture across Vincent.
  • We’re encouraging our community to support local as our businesses continue to provide a unique experience in our town centres.
  • Two new artworks coming to William Street and Leederville this year thanks to developer contributions.
  • We’re trialling a pedestrian space on the corner of Grosvenor Road and Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley in partnership with RAC WA.


We have explored other options to raise revenue beyond rates to spread the load.

Underground Power Rolling Fund

Your rate increase includes 2.1% to help us bring underground power to Vincent.

With this increase, Vincent is still one of the lowest rating Councils in the metro area.

Vincent was the 6th lowest rating council of 29 metropolitan areas in 2021/22.

See how we compared in 2021/22 below.

How we compared in 2021/22


Why am I paying 2.1% if I’m not getting underground power now?

We’re establishing a rolling fund to provide longer payback periods for ratepayer contributions, for current and future projects.

Why are you changing the free parking period?

We are introducing $1 for the first hour in City car parks to spread the cost burden of providing high-quality services between ratepayers and visitors. For instance, 83 per cent of Leederville customers don’t live in Vincent. It will also encourage turnover in our busy car parks and reduce car dependency.

What happens if I’m struggling to pay my rates?

We have established a hardship fund and we also offer deferred payments, flexible plans and interest and fee waivers. Rates smoothing is open to everyone and allows you to pay in small instalments.

Why is there an increase in pool inspection fees?

The fees increase is because it was recently brought to our attention that the fees we have been charging residents is under the amount recommended by State Government regulations and is not in line with practice at other local governments.

Building Regulations 2012 provisions sets out a maximum amount allowable of $58.45 for pool inspections. We have historically divided this amount by 4, however the City has been informed by State Government that this is intended to be an annual fee, not split over four years.  This change corrects that error going forward.

What is the new fee for first pool inspections?

The new fee of $205 is for the first inspection of newly installed pool safety barriers to new swimming pools. These inspections are requested by the building industry and are significantly more detailed than the mandated 4-yearly inspections. The fee is to recover the cost per service of the inspection, transport and report writing. This new fee is payable at the time of lodgement of a building permit application for a new private swimming pool/pool barrier.


 For more information about City of Vincent Budget, you can consult our proposed consult:

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