Current Opportunities for Artists

COVID-19 Arts Acquisitional Relief Funding

We recognise that COVID-19 is having a significant impact on the City's artistic community. Artists perform a vital role in Vincent and have provided immeasurable value to our communities. 

The City is able to provide a limited number of grants of up to $10,000 for artists or arts organisations to develop artwork/s during social isolation that can be made available to the City of Vincent public. 

Please download the Expression of Interest document below for all eligibility information and instructions for how to apply:

EOI Arts Relief Funding up to $10k

For more information please contact Arts and Activation Officer Tegan Patrucco on 08 9273 6553 or tegan.patrucco@vincent.wa.gov.au 

Explore Vincent Art

Yes, we have an art map! This map outlines the exciting art hotspots around our City for you to navigate your way around.

So grab a mate, strap on your boots that were made for walking, and go for a stroll through our leafy streets, exploring some of the irresistible public art throughout the Vincent suburbs (and why not grab a bite and a bevvy along the way). We promise you won’t be disappointed.

More Information 

If you’d like to register an artwork, create an artwork, or have a blank wall that you would like to see an artwork on, please contact the Arts and Activation Officer on 9273 6000 or mail@vincent.wa.gov.au