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Online Form - Waste Minimisation 140L Bin Application

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I am the OWNER/OCCUPIER of the above property

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The $40 cash payment is a one-off payment for downsizing the Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB). This payment will be processed once the bin has been delivered and the 240L bin removed.

Bins should be presented for collection as per current practice.

If the 140L MGB is stolen, or lost, the bin will be replaced with another 140L MGB as per the agreement of the cash incentive.

The City may randomly check the volume of waste in the 140L bin, and the contents of the accompanying recycling bin to evaluate the success of the initiative (including that of contamination levels in the recycling bin). Those households agreeing to participate in the scheme will be advised accordingly

The first instalment (if not all) of the 2017/18 property rates have been paid prior to resident’s receiving the $40 cash incentive.

The $40 ‘cash back’ incentive scheme is capped at 1,000 x 140L bins. Successful expressions of interest will be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis provided the resident meets the criteria outlined during the process.

If a resident wishes to revert to a 240L bin, they will receive a repurposed (used) 240L bin at a cost of $40 (equivalent to the incentive). However, if the resident specifically requests a new 240L bin a fee of $75 will apply. (This covers the majority of the cost of purchasing and exchanging a new bin)

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