Native Plant Sale

Saturday 27th April 2024


To ensure everyone gets a chance to grab their favourite plants, we will be running two sessions, allowing us to restock in between and prevent any disappointment caused by the events overwhelming popularity.

You will need to register for your free session below, don’t forget to bring your registration and proof of address with you on the morning.

Session one: 8am – 9am 

Restocking: 9am – 10am

Session two: 10am – 11am 

One registration per household.

City of Vincent residents only.



We encourage you to plant natives in your gardens to increase and foster local biodiversity and establish biodiversity corridors throughout the City, as well as create waterwise and low maintenance gardens and verges.

Join us at North Perth Common where there will be thousands of native plants from $1 and a variety of species available, including ground covers and small shrubs, to tall shrubs, climbers and small trees.

We will be running two sessions, allowing us to restock and prevent any disappointment caused by the events overwhelming popularity.

Bring a box or small trolley with you for your plants and free FOGO Compost.

Please note

  • Register one ticket per household (not per person)
  • There is a limit of 20 plants per household
  • Sale is for City of Vincent residents only (ID will be checked on entry)
  • Entry to the sale is off Fitzgerald Street

We’ll have plenty of horticulturists to help with plant choice and to provide information on the plants available.


You will be able to collect one free bag of FOGO compost per household.

The FOGO compost is produced from the contents of your lime-green lid Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) bin and is a great soil amendment to apply to your garden prior to planting out your new native tube stock.

This high-quality product with added seaweed extract can be applied to native plants at a rate of one part compost to four parts sand or soil.

97 per cent of the contents of Vincent’s FOGO bins is recovered to be turned into this high-quality compost. This is the circular economy in action, right in our own homes.

Members of our Waste and Recycling team will be on hand to answer your waste sorting questions.


Redeem your 20 free plants at the sale if you have recently signed up to the Adopt A Verge Program.

The program is proudly co-funded by Water Corporation Waterwise Greening Scheme and forms part of our ambition for Vincent to be a leading waterwise community.



Adenathos  cuneatus
Adenanthos cunninghamii prostrate
Anigozanthus flavidus Orange
Anigozanthus flavidus red
Anigozanthus flavidus yellow
Anigozanthus humilus
Anigozanthus manglesii
Banksia nivea
Carpobrutus virescens
Chorizema firesticks
Chrysocephalum yellow buttons
Conostylis aculeata
Conostylis candicans
Correa dusky bells
Correa little cate
Dampiera  diversifolia
Dampiera linearalis
Dianella Tasred   
Dianella silver streak
Dichondra repens
Eremophila glabra Kalbarri carpet
Eremophila maculata purple
Gastrolobium celsianum
Grevillea Crimson Villea  
Grevillea cherry ripe
Grevillea mini marvel
Hardenbergia Meema  
Hibbertia scandens
Kennedia  prostrata
Lechenaultia biloba
Lechenaultia laricina
Lomandra hystrix
Melaleuca huegelii prostrate
Melaleuca incana nana
Myoporum insulare prostrate
Myoporum parvifolium broad leaf
Olearia little smoke
Olearia sweet and small
Patersonia occidentalis
Scaevola aemula purple


Atriplex cineara
Banksia ashbyii dwarf
Banksia attenuata dwarf
Banksia hookeriana
Banksia media dwarf
Banksia prionotes dwarf
Beaufortia sparsa
Darwinia citriodora
Hypocalymma  angustifolium
Leptospermum Ballerina
Melaleuca fulgens 
Pimelea ferruguinea
Pimelea sylvestris
Regelia  ciliata
Rhagodia baccata
Thryptomene denticulata
Verticordia chrysantha
Verticordia densiflora
Verticordia plumosa
Westringia rigida


Adenathos  sericea
Banksia attenuata
Banksia grandis
Banksia littoralis
Calothamnus quadrifidus
Chamelaucium ciliatum
Chamelaucium mini pink 
Hakea laurina
Hakea varia
Syzygium bush christmas
Templetonia retusa
Xanthorrhoea preissi


Callistemon kings park special
Corymbia phytocarpa
Hakea Petiolaris
Eucalyptus Macrocarpa
Eucalyptus Forrestiana
Eucalyptus Tetragona
Callistemon Viminalis

Event Details

Time: 8 - 9am and 10 - 11am

Location: North Perth Common

Cost: Free - Registration Required.

Category: General

Type: General

Audience: All Ages

Event Date(s)

  • Saturday 27th April 2024

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