Forms/Checklists/Fees & Charges

Planning Fees & Charges

Planning Fees and Charges

MRS Form 1 and Consent and Indemnity Form

If you're applying for planning approval you must complete both:

Application for Development Approval

MRS Form 1 (Only Applicable for Crown Land);

Additional Information for Development Approval for Advertisements; and

Consent and Indemnity Form

Request for Planning Information

Application for Section 40 Certificate

Application for Subdivision Clearance


In order to streamline the process for the submission of a Development Application the City has provided a planning application checklist. This form allows the applicant to see what is required by the City in order to process the application. Complete the checklist, to ensure that you have everything included in your submission.

Alterations and Additions Checklist

Change of Use Checklist 

Mixed Use Commercial Checklist

Residential Development Checklist

Planning Fees and Charges for 2016/17 are available here.

The fees and charges are also available from the Western Australian Planning Commission website at

Forms 24/26 Built Strata Applications

Built Strata applications are granted by local authorities from delegation from the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). The appropriate forms are available to be downloaded from the WAPC website and submitted to the City.

Once submitted the form 24 application will be checked to ensure its compliance with the relevant planning and building approvals.

A form 26 is also required to be submitted by the applicant at the same time and can be subsequently issued upon approval by the City’s Senior Officers. Form 26 is available from the Landgate website

Section 40 Liquor Licence/Information

A Section 40 Liquor Licence is granted by local authorities for the sale of liquor on-site for licensed premises. If persons wish to apply for a licence, they are required to put in writing a request for the licence and provide any relevant Planning Approvals for the use of the property if available. Once a Section 40 licence is issued Health Services can provide a Section 39 licence following assessment. The final determining authority is the Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor.

Public Art

The forms relate to the correct procedure and application for Percent for Public Art can be found at this link.

Sign Strategy Proforma

As per the City's Policy No. 3.5.2 relating Signs and Advertising, a Sign Strategy is to be submitted with Development Applications in the following instances:

  • Signage advertising services or products other than those available on the lot
  • Pylon signage with a width exceeding 300 millimetres
  • Wall signage exceeding ten (10) per cent in area in total on any one wall (excluding projecting signs) and
  • Applications for variation of standards for proposals involving three (3) or more signs that do not comply with the standards of the City.
  • Sign Strategy Proforma
  • Signs and Advertising - Policy


Demolition Checklist

Management of Vacant Land – An Owner's Guide

Demolition Management Plan Proforma

Request for Vacant Lot Management Plan Bond Refund

Demolition Management Plan Example

Construction Managment Plan Example

Street Numbering & Addressing

Requests for street numbering must be submitted to the City on a Change of Property Address Application Form.

More Information 

Please contact Planning & Building Services on 9273 6000 or