7 December 2021

Tuesday, December 7, 2021



Combined Agenda 

1        Declaration of Opening / Acknowledgement of Country 

2        Apologies / Members on Leave of Absence

3        Public Question Time and Receiving of Public Statements 

4        Declarations of Interest 

David MacLennan, CEO, declared an impartiality interest in Item 5.16  Proposed Lease of Hyde Park Kiosk to Veggie Mama Pty Ltd, which refers the applicant engaging a contractor to dispose of rubbish and intend to facilitate a Container Deposit Scheme drop off bin with proceeds contributing to People Who Care, RUAH, and Derbarl Yerrigan Health Services. The CEO is married to an employee at Derbarl Yerrigan Health Services. The CEO has had no direct contact with Veggie Mama and no involvement in their proposal to facilitate a Container Deposit Scheme drop off bin with proceeds contributing to Derbarl Yerrigan Health Services.

5       Strategy and Development

5.1          No. 305 (Lot: 4, D/P: 1602) Fitzgerald Street, West Perth - Change of Use from Warehouse to Recreation Private (Amendment to Approved) (Unauthorised Existing Development)

5.2          No. 26 (Lot: 29; D/P: 4576) Moir Street, Perth - Proposed Alterations and Additions to Single House

5.3          No. 52 (Lot: 10; D/P: 1069) Bourke Street, Leederville - Proposed Two Grouped Dwellings

5.4          No. 308 (Lot:700; S/P: 84556) Oxford Street, Leederville: Four Grouped Dwellings

5.5          Nos. 169-173 (Lot: 5 D/P: 42227 & Lot: 99 D/P: 3642) Scarborough Beach Road and Nos. 60-62 (Lot: 5 D/P: 42227 & Lot: 98 D/P: 3642) Coogee Street, Mount Hawthorn - Proposed Change of Use from Shop to Tavern and Associated Alterations and Additions

5.6          No. 374 (Lot: 801; D/P: 29435) Newcastle Street, Perth - Proposed Amendment to Approved Unlisted Use (Billboard Signage) S.31 Reconsideration

5.7          City of Vincent Rebound Plan - Quarterly Update

5.8          Arts Rebound: Town Centre Artworks - Concept Design Proposals

5.9         Commencement of Expressions of Interest process inviting redevelopment concepts for the Avenue and Frame Court Car Parks

5.10        Woodville Reserve Landscape Plan

               Attachment 1 to Woodville Reserve Landscape Plan

5.11        Britannia North West Development Plan - Litis Stadium Changeroom Design - uploaded 3 December 2021

5.12        Amendment to Local Planning Policy No. 7.5.2 - Signs and Advertising

5.13        Local Planning Policy No. 7.5.15 - Character Areas and Heritage Areas: Outcomes of Advertising Guidelines for Cleaver Precinct

5.14        Results of Consultation - Potential Sale of 26 Brentham Street, Leederville

5.15        Complaints Management Framework - Code of Conduct for Elected Members, Committee Members and Candidates

5.16        Proposed Lease of Hyde Park Kiosk to Veggie Mama Pty Ltd

6            Infrastructure and Environment

6.1         Asset Management and Sustainability Strategy (AMSS) Implementation Plan 

 7           Community and Business Services

7.1          Support for Uluru Statement from the Heart - Response

7.2          Turf Wicket Agreement - North Perth Cricket Club

7.3          Outcome of advertising and adoption of amendments to Diversity, Access and Equity Policy

7.4          Authorisation of Expenditure for the Period 1 October 2021 to 31 October 2021

7.5          Repeal of Rates and Service Charges Policy

7.6          Investment Report as at 31 October 2021

7.7          Financial Statements as at 31 October 2021

7.8          Outcome of advertising and adoption of amendments to Community Funding Policy

7.9          Review of City of Vincent Project Management Framework and Monthly Update of Strategic Projects for 2021-2022

7.10        Draft Annual Report 2020/21

7.11        Beatty Park Project - Status Update and Change Request

8       Chief Executive Officer

8.1          Council recess period 2021-22 - Delegated Authority to the Chief Executive Officer

8.2          Nomination of Council Members for the vacant Local Government position on the Central Perth Land Redevelopment Committee

8.3         Report and Minutes of the Audit Committee Meeting held on 10 December 2021 (meeting postponed) - will be uploaded before the Ordinary Council Meeting on 14 December 2021

8.4          Information Bulletin

9        Motions of Which Previous Notice has Been Given

10      Representation on Committees and Public Bodies

11      Confidential Items/Matters for which the Meeting May be Closed ("Behind Closed Doors")

12      Closure

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