Council Meetings

Council Meetings are held in the Council Chamber located upstairs in the City of Vincent Civic Centre. 

No action should be taken on any item discussed at a Council Meeting prior to written advice on the resolution of Council being received.

The City of Vincent live streams our Council Meetings and Council Briefings. The live stream can be accessed on Council Meeting and Briefing Session nights. An archive of past Council Meetings can also be accessed.

Live streaming will be carried out in accordance with the City's policy 4.2.4 - Council Meetings - Recording and Web Streaming.

Share your thoughts on live streaming of Council Briefings and Meetings

Since May 2017, the City has live streamed its Council briefings and meetings freely to the public. This means the public can watch briefings and meetings live via the City’s website. Within one day of the briefing or meeting, the recording is bookmarked and uploaded on the City’s website, so the public can view the whole briefing/meeting or single items.

The live streaming currently captures all parts of Council briefings and meetings, except confidential matters, public questions and statements and deputations. We are considering extending live streaming to include public questions, statements and deputations.

Public question time is an opportunity for the public to be involved in the Council decision making process, as they can ask questions or make statements relating to any matter affecting the City. It occurs at the start of the briefing/meeting and any member of the public may ask a question or speak for up to three minutes in respect to any matter which affects the City.

Deputations are presentations for up to 15 minutes and require the approval of the Mayor, and occur after public question time.

Recording public question time and deputations will ensure that the general public is aware of the issues raised by the community and increases the transparency and accountability of the Council process.

It is proposed that members of the public will have the opportunity to opt out of the live streaming by advising the Mayor of this when they are called up to speak during public question time.

We would like to know your thoughts about our proposal to include public questions and statements in the live streaming of our council briefings and meetings.  Please let us know what you think by completing our quick online survey, or contacting Governance via or 9273 6000.

More Information

Meeting Guidelines

Procedure for Public Speaking Time

The City of Vincent Local Law relating to Meeting Procedures prescribes the procedure for persons to ask questions or make public statements relating to a matter affecting the City, either verbally or in writing, at a Council Meeting.

Questions or statements made at an Ordinary Council Meeting can relate to matters that affect the City. Questions or statements made at a Special Council Meeting must only relate to the purpose for which the meeting has been called.

1. Shortly after the commencement of the meeting, the Presiding Member will ask members of the public to come forward to address the Council and to give their name, address and Agenda Item number (if known). Speakers may request that their address be kept confidential in special circumstances - please state this at the time of speaking and give the reason(s) for such request.

2. Public speaking time will be strictly limited to three (3) minutes per member of the public.

3. Members of the public are encouraged to keep their questions/statements brief to enable everyone who desires to ask a question or make a statement to have the opportunity to do so.

4. Public speaking time is declared closed when there are no further members of the public who wish to speak.

5. Questions/statements are to be directed to the Presiding Member and are to be made politely in good faith and are not to be framed in such a way as to reflect adversely on or be defamatory to a Council Member or City Employee.

Please consider:

  • All speakers should be clear and to the point, and speak through the Presiding Member at all times.
  • Members of the public are not permitted to enter into debate with Council Members or City Employees.
  • Any correspondence, relating to an item on the Agenda, received after the Agenda is finalised will not be reflected in the Agenda Report. At the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer, it may be distributed to Council Members by the Administration.
  • Persons wishing to distribute any documents, relating to an Agenda Item, to Council Members should provide these to the Chief Executive Officer. 
  • To minimise disruption during meetings, mobile phones must be turned off before entering the Chamber.
  • Members of the public may enter and leave the Chamber at any point during the meeting.
  • The Administration & Civic Centre is a no smoking venue.
  • Toilet facilities are available on the first floor (lobby) and also on the ground floor.

6. Where the Presiding Member is of the opinion that a member of the public is making a statement at a Council Meeting that does not affect the City\, he/she may ask the person speaking to promptly cease.

7. Questions/statements and any responses will be summarised and included in the Minutes of the Council Meeting.

8. Where practicable, responses to questions will be provided at the meeting. Where the information is not available or the question cannot be answered, it will be "taken on notice" and a written response will be sent by the Chief Executive Officer to the person asking the question. A copy of the reply will be included in the Agenda of the next Ordinary Council Meeting.

9. It is not intended that public speaking time should be used as a means to obtain information that would not be made available if it was sought from the City's records under Section 5.94 of the Local Government Act 1995 or the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 1992. The Chief Executive Officer will advise the member of the public if the information may be sought in accordance with the FOI Act 1992.

Recording of Council Meetings

All Ordinary and Special Council Meetings are electronically recorded except when the Council resolves to go behind closed doors.

All recordings are retained as part of the City's records in accordance with the General Disposal Authority for Local Government Records produced by the Public Records Office

Persons are not permitted to record (visual or audio) the Council Meeting without the prior approval of the Council. All requests to record the meeting should be directed to the Chief Executive Officer.


Information on how to prepare and present a Petition to the Council and information on how to request a Special Meeting of Electors is available on the Petitions page.