In late 2017, the City of Vincent amended its local dog law to allow dogs to enter public spaces. With the exception of indoor areas of cafes, bars and restaurants, dogs are also permitted in private businesses when granted permission by the business owner. Please look out for signage welcoming dogs into shopfronts, or simply ask the business owner if they allow dogs. For safety reasons, dogs are still not permitted at fenced-off children's playgrounds.

Please note, the following rules apply when bringing dogs into a dog-friendly business:

  • Dogs must remain under control at all times, either held by a leash or securely tethered
  • Dogs must be microchipped and registered, unless they are under three months of age
  • Dogs must not distress other dogs or customers
  • Business owners have the right to ask dog owners to remove their dog at any given time
  • Dog owners are responsible for any and all mess created by their dog

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to bring my dog into shops and businesses?

With the permission of the businesses owner, yes! The person in charge of the dog must have complete control over the dog at all times. Should the dog start causing a disruption, the business owner may revoke the permission at any time and you must leave. Your dog must also be registered and micro-chipped.

My puppy is under three months of age, so it not registered, so would he/she be allowed into shops and businesses?

Yes, with the permission of the business owner.

Am I allowed to take my dog into Beatty Park Leisure Centre or the City of Vincent Library and Local History Centre?

No, unfortunately dogs are still not permitted at these venues.

Can I bring my dog into the City of Vincent administration building?

Yes! We would love your dog to come and visit us. However, the following conditions apply;

  • Dogs are only permitted in the foyer
  • Dogs must be on a lead that is either appropriately tethered or held by the owner
  • Dogs cannot be held in handbags

More Information

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