Dog Barking

Barking is a dog's natural means of communication and often signifies its alertness to danger or intruders. However, a dog that persistently barks in a manner which is not considered to be normally habitual in dogs constitutes a nuisance.

If a dog barks continually without reason, the cause may be lack of training, insufficient exercise, loneliness, inadequate shelter, ill health or deliberate or unintentional provocation by people or roaming dogs.

See the ‘What you can do to help’ section further below or download our fact sheet below. You may also choose to notify your neighbour that their dog is barking using the friendly Bark Card below.

Fact Sheet > Why does my dog bark?
Dear Neighbour > Bark Card

The City of Vincent fully appreciates that a barking dog can often severely disrupt people’s lives and can erode their quality of life. Most dog barking issues are solved by simple neighbourly communication but sometimes solving the issue of a barking dog can be a complex issue to deal with.

The laws and processes we need to follow relating to an alleged dog nuisance are prescribed by State legislation. The Dog Act states that:

A person may lodge a complaint in a prescribed form with an authorised person, alleging that a dog is a nuisance. If an authorised person is satisfied that a dog is a nuisance as alleged in a complaint, the authorised person may issue an order to a person liable for the control of the dog requiring that person to prevent the behaviour that is alleged to constitute the nuisance by a time specified in the order.

What can I do about a barking dog?

The City asks that you follow the below procedure…

First, try to solve the issue yourself
Many dog owners are not aware that their dog is barking and/or that it’s a nuisance to others; some owners often have difficulty believing their dogs bark. Dogs often bark when people are not home so the owner has no idea of the problem. It is not normal for a dog to bark at every noise or passer-by or to bark for long periods of time.

It’s essential that you notify the dog owner of the issue and make several genuine, friendly attempts to solve the issue.

Have a neighbourly chat and allow them some time, at least a couple of weeks, to rectify the problem. Download and leave a "Bark Card" (we can also post you one if you need, just call our Rangers team on 9273 6000), or you could just leave a polite note in the letter box giving the owners some information when the problem occurs. 

If that fails, then contact us
If you have contacted the dog owner and are getting no results, you’re welcome to call our Rangers team to discuss the issue further. The Rangers keep records of all barking dogs and there’s a process to follow from here.

You may be requested to assist in collecting the necessary evidence required to issue an order notice by keeping a "Barking Diary". These diaries need to be as accurate as possible for a period of 14 days in the first instance. 

You can either lodge an online request (providing as much detail as possible) using our Report It web page, or just give our Rangers team a call on 9273 6000.

Further action may need to be taken which may ultimately end in a fine or even legal action for the dog owner if they do not comply.