Dangerous Dogs

The City is concerned that such dogs exist in our community and it is important that the public, and particularly those with young children, be aware and also be very vigilant when in the proximity of such large dogs. The City can declare a dog as a “Dangerous Dog” under the Dog Act. Not all large dogs are declared a Dangerous Dog – only those that attack or persistently chase other people or dogs. It also depends on the severity of the attack.

Once declared a Dangerous Dog, the Dog Act requires the owner to take more responsibility and appropriate action to ensure that the dog’s capacity to cause further harm is minimised and the risk to the community is significantly reduced. The stringent requirements include:

  • The dog must wear a specific reflective collar at all times (red and yellow striped)
  • It must be on a leash and muzzled at all times in a public place
  • The property where the dog resides must be enclosed so it cannot escape
  • There must also be adequate signage at the entrance to the property to warn people that there is a Dangerous Dog on the premises

If these requirements are not met, the City will take further action. If the dog offends again after being declared a Dangerous Dog then all potential fines and penalties automatically double. The City has also recommended that owners of Dangerous Dogs carry out behavioural training for their dog in order to mitigate any undesirable traits which the dog has. 

If the City deems a Dangerous Dog as a serious danger, then swift action may be taken to obtain a warrant under the Dog Act for the seizure and destruction of the dog. In some cases, the City will recommend that the owner surrenders the Dangerous Dog to the Rangers for euthanasia. 

Further Information

Ranger & Community Safety Services
9273 6000 or mail@vincent.wa.gov.au

After Hours Emergencies: (08) 9273 6061