Responsible Dog Ownership

The Ranger Services team are proactive in helping community members to be responsible dog owners.

Over the years the team have introduced programmes and initiatives to educate dog owners and to reward those who do the right thing.

A healthy and happy dog can be man's best friend and having dogs playing in the parks and walking through Vincent on leads co-habiting with the locals provides Vincent with colour, character and a sense of an active and inclusive community. But in order for this to be the case, the dogs must be controlled and socialised to ensure the safety and well-being of all.

Further information on being a responsible dog owner:



Exercise Areas

Restricted Breeds

Your Dog and the Law

Ranger Services provide information on responsible dog ownership and dog bite prevention through a public education programme:

  • Visits to primary schools within Vincent
  • A display and information stand at various community events held by the City of Vincent.


Rangers are on the lookout for owners whose dogs are setting fine examples to all, by complying with the requirements of the Dog Act 1976 and the City's Dogs Local Law. The dogs must be currently registered (and wearing their tags).

Literature and advice are available on request from Ranger Services on 9273 6000 or