Dog Exercise Areas

It is important for your dogs to get adequate exercise in order to keep them happy and healthy.

The City recognises the need to have public places where dogs can be walked and encourages all residents to get active and head onto the streets and to the parks and reserves for some exercise. However, for the comfort and safety of all of the community it is important to remember that dogs must be held on a leash by a person capable of controlling the dog in any public place within the boundaries of the City of Vincent, except in the following approved dog exercise areas(Dogs are only allowed off leash in these areas if the reserve is not being used for an approved activity, e.g. cricket or football matches.)

Please note that dogs are not permitted off lead in any street (this includes a verge area), or in any place without the property owner's permission.


  • Britannia Road Reserve in its entirety: Bounded by the Mitchell Freeway; Bourke Street and Britannia Road.
  • Brentham/Bennelong Reserve - Between Brentham and Oxford Streets, south of Wylie Place


  • Robertson Park - Bounded by Fitzgerald, Palmerston, Stuart and Randell Streets

North Perth

  • Woodville Reserve - Bounded by Namur, Fitzgerald, Mignonette and Farmer Streets
  • Les Lilleyman Reserve - Bounded by London, Ellesmere and Gill Streets
  • Charles Veryard Reserve - Bounded by Hanover Place, Deague Court and Bourke Street (north-east side of reserve only)

Mount Hawthorn

  • Menzies Park - Bounded by Berryman, Egina, East and Purslowe Streets


  • Jack Marks Reserve - Corner Broome and Wright Streets

Mount Lawley

  • Forrest Park - Corner Curtis and Harold Streets

East Perth

  • Banks Reserve - Joel Terrace (southern end only)

If you’re looking for a park that’s great for the whole family with a play area, BBQ and toilets the Rangers would recommend Banks Reserve, Les Lilleyman, Woodville Reserve, Britannia Reserve, Charles Veryard Reserve and Menzies Park.

Things to remember:

  • When there is an approved activity booked, all dogs must be kept on a lead and held by a person capable of controlling the dog.
  • Please clean up after your dog. On top of looking and smelling bad and being awful to clean out of your shoes (or even worse your toes) dog waste can be home to intestinal worms and other nasties that can then transfer to humans and cause sickness, especially in little ones. The City provides bags and bins for your convenience.
  • If your dog is not a greyhound (unless certified) and is off leash, it must be supervised by someone who is capable of controlling it, is within reasonable proximity and is carrying a lead.
  • Your dog must be wearing its registration tag.
  • When heading to or from the park your dog must be on the lead. When getting your dog out of the car, keep it on the lead until you’re reached the exercise area before letting your dog off its lead.
  • Keep in mind that these parks are for everyone, not just for dog owners. Your dog should not rush up, jump at, or show any sign of aggression towards anyone. It should also return to you when you call it. Dog attacks aren’t just classified as dog bites - someone may feel attacked by your dog because they’ve felt afraid.
  • You must carry a lead with you and the dog must be under effective control at all times. A dog will be deemed not under control if it chases or worries any person, their pet or wildlife.

Further Information

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