Dog Registrations

Amendments to the Dog Act 1976

From 1 November 2015, all dogs over the age of three (3) months must be not only registered but now they must also be microchipped. 

So just to be clear, all dogs over the age of three months must be registered and microchipped. Microchipping is a simple procedure performed by a vet that’s largely pain-free despite the use of a needle to inject the tiny chip. We’ll be sending registration renewals out soon so we’ll include an information sheet to ensure owners have sufficient time to microchip their dogs, so they are compliant by 1 November. 

Why register and microchip your dog?

The main benefit is that the Vincent Rangers can return your dog to you if they are found in a public place.  If a dog is not registered or microchipped, Rangers have no way of returning him/her. When your dog is found, Rangers scan the chip. They then contact the microchip registry and the registry makes contact with the owner – so it’s really important that you keep your details up to date with the registry, eg: if you move house or change telephone number. If your dog has a registration tag then we can access our database straight away and contact you direct. 

The process - as prescribed by the Dog Act

This process can seem like a bit of a run around – but every council must adhere to the state’s laws (the Dog Act 1976), including the order in which everything is done, as prescribed by the Dog Act. Please do contact us if you have any queries.

Step 1: Microchip your dog (by 3 months of age)
As all dogs must be registered by 3 months of age, you’ll need to microchip your dog before then. The City cannot accept a registration unless dogs are microchipped.  

Step 2: Register your dog (by 3 months of age)
Once your dog is microchipped you can register it by paying the registration fee and filling in the paperwork. You can do this either at the vet (after the microchipping of course) or visit us here at the City 8am-5pm weekdays (bring proof of microchipping from the vet). You can also register your dog at the City Dog Pound in Osborne Park (12-1pm daily).  

Step 3: Sterilise your dog (this can occur after 6 months of age)
Follow your vet’s advice of course as to when you can sterilise your dog but this is generally the case.

The City offers residents discounts for sterilisation if performed at 'My Best Friend' Vet in Leederville (3/106 Oxford Street, near Kailis Bros Fish Market in the town centre. Telephone 9227 8666).

Many councils do not offer this at all, however with the City's excellent subsidy you will only pay $55.00.

To receive the City's subsidised rate for sterilisation you must complete a sterilisation subsidy application form and pay the fee at the City's Administration and Civic Centre, before attending My Best Friend Vet in Leederville. You then take that receipt with you to the vet.   * Please note that My Best Friends Vet have additional charges applicable for female dogs that are over a certain weight for spays. 

Additional Fee Weight Range
$50 30 - 40 kg
$100 40 - 50 kg
$150 50 - 60 kg
$200 60 - 70 kg
$300 > 70 kg

Note: Once the sterilisation has been done, you may visit us again to get a refund on the difference between the registration fee for a sterilised dog and an unsterilised dog. All you need to do is fill out a form, include your dog’s sterilisation certificate that you get from the vet – and we’ll process your refund. 

Registration Fees and Form

 See below for registration fees.

To download the Dog Registration form, please click here

Remember, without special written approval, no more than two (2) dogs over the age of three months are permitted to be kept at any property within the City of Vincent.

Dog registration fees

Registration Fees

Standard Fees


Pensioner Fees
(50% of Standard Fee)


1 Year

3 Years


1 Year

3 Years


Unsterilised dogs







Sterilised Dog







Registration Renewals

Registration renewals are now able to be completed online by clicking on this link

Alternatively they can also be paid over the telephone on 9273 6000. Please be advised that a microchip number will need to be provided, if the Council has not been provided with the details previously, prior to payment being accepted.

Notification of Council transfer for dogs form

As Dog registrations are recognised Statewide, when moving between Councils, the requirement is to advise the Council where the dog is currently registered and advise them of the change of address.

The details of your dog can then be added onto our animal transfer register, and when the registration has expired, we can send you out a new registration form to register the dog with the City of Vincent. If the dog has been registered for a period of lifetime, then we won’t need to send you out a new registration form.

 Please see below link to download the transfer form. Once this has been completed and returned to the City, we can then add your dog(s) to our animal transfer register.

Notification of Council transfer form

More Information

Please contact the Ranger & Community Safety Services on 9273 6000 or