12 October 2021

Tuesday, October 12, 2021





Council Briefing Notes

1        Declaration of Opening / Acknowledgement of Country

2        Apologies / Members on Leave of Absence

3(A)   Public Question Time and Receiving of Public Statements 

3(B)  Response to Previous Public Questions Taken on Notice

4        Applications for Leave of Absence

5        The Receiving of Petitions, Deputations and Presentations

6        Confirmation of Minutes

7        Announcements by the Presiding Member (Without Discussion)

8        Declarations of Interest 

8.1     Cr Jonathan Hallett  declared an impartiality interest in Item 9.5  Public Health Plan 2020 - 2025 Annual Review.  The extent of his interest is that the  report refers to the case study that Vincent developed for the Public Health Advocacy Institute, which is based  at Curtin and from a couple months ago he had been engaged to do some work with them on strategy and capacity building.  The work was after the case study was done and is not Local Government work.

9        Strategy and Development

9.1      No. 26 (Lot: 29; D/P: 4576) Moir Street, Perth - Proposed Alterations and Additions to Single House

9.2      No. 40 (Lot: 101; D/P: 64792) Frame Court, Leederville – Proposed Local Development Plan

9.3     Creation of City of Vincent Animal Local Law

9.4     Response to Petition Relating to Odour from 7 Grams Chicken, Nos 212-214 Lake Street, Perth

9.5     Public Health Plan 2020 – 2025 – Annual Review

9.6     Amendment to Council Delegations – Delegation to Issue Infringement Notices Under the Building Regulations 2012  ABSOLUTE MAJORITY DECISION

9.7     Response to Notice of Motion – Local Planning Scheme No. 2 Amendment regarding Tobacco Outlets

9.8     Extension of Lease – North Perth Special Needs (Shalom Coleman) Dental Clinic, 31 Sydney Street, North Perth

9.9     Car Parking Licence for Minister for Education (School of Isolated and Distance Education)

10      Infrastructure and Environment

10.1   Update on Homeless Meal Service Provision at Weld Square

10.2   Tender No 108-2021 Tree Watering and Tree Planting 

11      Community and Business Services

11.1    Repeal of Disaster Appeals – Donations and Assistance Policy (4.1.27)

11.2    Investment Report as at 31 August 2021

11.3    Advertising of amended policy – Investment Policy

11.4    Authorisation of Expenditure for the period 1 August 2021 to 31 August 2021

11.5    Financial Statements as at 31 August 2021

12      Chief Executive Officer

12.1   Report and Minutes of the Audit Committee Meeting held on 6 September 2021

12.2   Sustainable Environment Strategy – Implementation Plan Review and Progress Update

12.3   Information Bulletin

13      Motions of Which Previous Notice Has Been Given 

13.1        Minor Modifications to the City of Vincent Communications Plan - Replacement

14      Questions by Members of Which Due Notice Has Been Given (Without Discussion)

15      Representation on Committees and Public Bodies 

16     Urgent Business

17     Confidential Items/Matters For Which The Meeting May Be Closed

18     Closure 


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