12 December 2023

Friday, December 8, 2023






Council Briefing Notes

1        Declaration of Opening / Acknowledgement of Country

2        Apologies / Members on Leave of Absence

3(A)   Public Question Time and Receiving of Public Statements 

3(B)  Response to Previous Public Questions Taken on Notice

4        Applications for Leave of Absence

5        The Receiving of Petitions, Deputations and Presentations

6        Confirmation of Minutes

7        Announcements by the Presiding Member (Without Discussion)

8        Declarations of Interest 

9        Strategy and Development

9.1    No. 500 (Lot: 41; D/P: 418433) Fitzgerald Street, North Perth - Proposed Change of Use from Restaurant/Cafe to Restaurant/Cafe and Small Bar

9.2    No. 276 (Lot: 63; D/P: 97776) Newcastle Street, Perth - Proposed Office and Showroom (Amendment to Approved) (Unauthorised Existing  Development)

9.3   Mount Hawthorn Youth Skate Space Revised Location

9.4   RFT PP272/2023 Robertson Park Redevelopment - Stage 1 - Separable Portion A Construction - WITHDRAWN BY ADMINISTRATION

9.5   Licence to Broadway Unit Trust (trading as Spritz Spizzicheria Italiana) on road reserve adjacent to No. 148 (Lot: 600) Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn

10       Infrastructure & Environment

10.1    Response To Petition - Corner Scarborough Beach Road and Killarney Street - Maintenance and Infrastructure

10.2    Response to Petition - Ellesmere Street, North Perth Parking

10.3    Outcome of advertising and adoption of amendments to Asset Management Policy

10.4    Kyilla Community Farmers Market - Waiver of Fees

 11       Community and Business Services

11.1    Financial Statements as at 31 October 2023

11.2    Authorisation of Expenditure for the Period 01 October 2023 to 31 October 2023

11.3    Investment Report as at 31 October 2023

11.4    Outcome of Advertising and Adoption of New Child Safe Awareness Policy

11.5    Outcome of advertising and adoption of amendments to Diversity Access and Inclusion Policy

11.6     Annual Report 2022/23 

12      Chief Executive Officer

12.1   Council Recess Period 2023-24 - Delegated Authority to the Chief Executive Officer

12.2   Appointment of Council Members and Community Representatives to Advisory Groups

12.3   Information Bulletin 

12.4   Report and Minutes of the Audit Committee Meeting held on 7 December 2023 - LATE ADDITION

13      Motions of Which Previous Notice Has Been Given

14      Questions by Members of Which Due Notice Has Been Given (Without Discussion)

15      Representation on Committees and Public Bodies 

16     Urgent Business

17     Confidential Items/Matters For Which The Meeting May Be Closed

18     Closure 

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