8 December 2020

Tuesday, December 8, 2020



Combined Agenda PDF

This agenda replaces the previous agenda and includes all the late items and replacement pages.

Items 5.1 and 5.2  – minor amendments made to the “Proposal” section of both reports to clarify the ownership of the road reserve (owned by the State of Western Australia, the City has care, control and management) and that the development application must be signed by the Minister for Lands, not the City.   

Item 5.5 – Applicant has requested that this item is deferred to allow the Applicant time to address Administration’s concerns.

Item 7.2 – added to the recommendation request for Council to authorise the CEO and Mayor to sign the Surrender of Lease.

Items 5.9 and 6.2 – The Asset Management and Sustainability Strategy 2020-2030 has been updated and reattached to these items.

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LATE:  Attachment 5 to Item 6.5 Safe Active Streets - Florence - Strathcona - Golding Project

Additional Item 8.5 - Council Recess Period 2020-2021 Delegated Authority to the CEO

Replacement pages 769 - 777 Item 8.4  Progress Report - Reports to be Actioned - Information Bulletin Item for Council Agenda

LATE Item 8.3 Report And Minutes Of The Audit Committee Meeting Held On 1 December 2020

Item 6.6 Replacement page 448  Urban Road Safety Program Pilot - Implementation of Mini Roundabouts

Item 6.6 was updated as Main Roads has provided the City with updated information.

LATE Item 6.4 Leederville Laneway Upgrade

LATE Item 6.7 Tender IE99-2020 - Beatty Park Indoor Leisure Centre Indoor Leisure Pool Filter Plant Replacement (and associated works)

LATE Item 6.8 Tender IE103-2020 - Beatty Park Indoor Leisure Centre 25m and Leisure Pool Retiling - Appointment of Successful

Updated Contents page - as Late Item 6.7 is an Absolute Majority

Item 5.1 Attachment 3 - Proposed Development Plans - Gregson Street Road Reserve

Item 5.2  404-406 Oxford Street Mount Hawthorn - Attachment 3 - Proposed Development Plans

Item 5.3 Attachment 2 - 12 Florence Street - Development Plans

Item 5.4  95-117 Egina Street, Mount Hawthorn - Attachment 2 - Development Plans

Item 5.5 104 Eton Street, North Perth - Attachment 2 - Development Plans