Parking E-Permits

We’re excited to advise our new electronic parking permit system is now live - residents will find the new system quick and simple to use.

The new E-Permits will still be governed by the Parking Permits Policy No. 3.9.3, and there will be no changes to the parking permit zones. It is also important to note that the number of parking permits each property is eligible for will not change.

Introduction to E-Permits

How to use E-Permits


What are the benefits of an E-Permit system?

  • Residents will have complete control of their own account.
  • Residents will no longer have to wait for paper permits to be sent in the mail, where they run the risk of being delayed or being stolen.
  • Removes the risk of the permit falling off of the dashboard, or being forgotten to be passed on or returned by visitors.
  • No waiting periods. Once a vehicle registrations is entered and saved in the account, it is live instantly.
  • Once the account holder has entered a vehicles registration into the system, it will stay there permanently until the resident chooses to add or remove vehicles. The City has labelled this as a ‘set and forget’ functionality.
  • Quick and easy access for the account holder to the online system to easily add and activate registrations as needed.

When will E-Permits be introduced?

The new electronic parking permit system will be implemented in the new financial year which residents will find quick and simple to use. We anticipate to have the E-permits live in October 2020

E-Permits will be fully operational by October 2020 and communication will be sent to residents over the coming weeks and months.

How does the E-Permit work?

The new E-Permits system will allow residents to create and manage their own account and change vehicle registrations as they need to, in keeping with the total number of permits that are valid for their particular property, keeping in mind that there can only be one account created per property address.

The E-permit system allows the account holder to save multiple vehicle registrations and it will automatically recognise how many permits a property is eligible to have.

The account holder will be able to enter as many registrations as they need against the account and also have the ability to give each registration a unique name, which will make it easier when searching for a particular vehicle.  Only the maximum number of entitled permits for that property can be active at any one time.

What do I need to do to get an E-Permit?

You will need any device that has an internet or wifi connection, such as a PC, mobile phone or tablet, to be able to create an online account.

When the system goes live (approx October 2020) residents will receive a link where you can set up your account. There will be easy step by step guides along with an instructional video to assist in setting up the account and how to manage the account, including entering, naming and activating vehicle registrations.  All information will be communicated prior to the system going live to allow for residents to transition to the new system.

City of Vincent Ranger Department will also be able to assist residents setting up their account by calling 9273 6022.

Will an E-Permit cost me anything?

E-permits remain free of charge and there is no cost associated that will be passed onto the resident. Being an E-permit, also means there is no cost to replace lost or stolen permits.

How long will it take to get an E-Permit?

Once your registration/s are saved in your online account, it is live instantly so no waiting periods.

How long will the E-Permit last? Will I need to renew it?

There is also no expiry date associated with the E-permits.

Once you have entered the registrations into the system, they will stay there permanently until you chooses to add or remove vehicles.

My Permit has expired, what do I do?

To assist with the transition and implementation of the new E-Permits system, all current physical permits with an expiry date of 30 June 2020 will still be honoured, up until such time that the new system is in place. Residents and their visitors should continue to display their current physical permits during the transition time to avoid any infringement.

How will the City know I have a valid E-Permit?

The City’s Rangers will use licence plate recognition software to identify vehicles with valid E-Permits. This will eliminate situations where, in the past, a physical permit may have been dislodged from the dashboard or forgotten to have been placed on the dashboard.

What will happen with Visitors Permits?

The resident will be able to save multiple registrations to their accounts, as well as being able to save the registration with a unique name of all of their visitors. There is no limit to the number of vehicles that can be saved against the account, still keeping with the total number of permits that are valid for their particular property. When the visitor arrives or is due to arrive, the resident can log into their account and make the visitors registration active.

Are there any conditions once I have an E-Permit?

An E-Permit exempts vehicles from complying with parking time restrictions, 1 hour or more, in the relevant zone it is issued to. An E-Permit does not authorise parking that is in contravention of the local law in the following areas; Disabled (ACROD) bays, No Stopping zones, No Parking zones, Clearways, 30 minute or less time restricted zones, Loading zones, Ticket Machine zones, Bus or Taxi stands, Footpaths, Driveways or Verges. E-Permits are not valid for vehicles that are not registered, disused, oversized, or causing an obstruction.

Will my personal information be stored in the system?

The licence plate recognition software, is only able to identify if a vehicle has a valid permit, and is therefore permitted to park in that particular zone. No other information is populated on the Rangers device to identify any personal information about the vehicle registration, including owners name or address.

City of Vincent Ranger Administration will have the ability to access the system, if a resident requires assistance with setting up an account, or if an account needs to be cancelled.

There is no function within the City, nor is there any need for the City to keep a track of permits and/or vehicles.

The software platform this website runs on and associated technology operations are provided by Arthur D. Riley and Company Limited. Click this link for the Privacy Policy governing their service. All data is stored and managed in Australia.

What support is available for the elderly and persons with a disability?

The City of Vincent team is happy to assist anyone experiencing difficulties with the system, including the elderly and persons with a disability. Please call 08 9273 6022 to discuss how we can assist, or visit our Customer Service Team, located at the City of Vincent Administration Centre.

What if I don't have access to a computer or the internet?

If you are unable to access this new system, the following options are available:

  • You can attend the Library and the account can be created with you by Administration;
  • Administration can create the account for you over the telephone;
  • Administration can come to you, and create your account with you;
  • A friend or relative can create the account for you on your behalf; or
  • Administration can assist with ongoing management of your account by inputting your information onto the system.

What if I don't have an email address?

If you do not have an email address, Administration can assist you with creating a free email account, such as gmail or another service provider of your choice.

What if I don't have a compatible device?

The system is able to be accessed by both Apple or Android devices. Administration can assist you if neither of these device types are available.

Need more information?

Please email and ensure the property address is included in the subject line so we can send further information direct to your inbox. We will also release updates on our website and social media channels.

Tell us what you think about E-Permits!

We understand changes in systems affect people differently, so we would value your feedback on your experience with the new system.

We hope you can take the time to complete a two-minute survey so we can gain an understanding of your experience with the system, from creating an account to managing it. 

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