Parking in Vincent

The City of Vincent boasts some of the most popular suburbs in Perth. With an exciting array of vibrant restaurants, endless entertainment options, some of the best cups of coffee in town, and more retail stores than you can poke a stick at, it’s no wonder parking bays fill up fast. There is also a steadily increasing population and more people than ever living in inner city suburbs, adding to the strain on the demand for parking.

With this in mind, we’ve developed a few strategies and policies to help ensure Vincent’s parking is accessible and fair for all, including residents, visitors and local businesses.

In response to concerns around potential spread of COVID-19, our officers are regularly disinfecting City parking meter keypads.

Customers are reminded they can download the EasyPark App for a fully mobile parking experience, therefore allowing them to avoid direct contact with our parking meters and maintain social distancing.


ACROD Parking

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Easy Park

No cash? No worries! You can now use your phone to pay for parking at any City-operated car park or ticket machine zone within Vincent, thanks to EasyPark.


Due to our ever-popular suburbs, it’s pretty important that we try and control traffic to provide you with safe and fair parking environments. To do this, we’ve put some parking restrictions into place, along with rangers who regularly patrol the areas and ensure everyone (including all residents and visitors) complies with these restrictions. 

It’s not just parking bays the rangers monitor either. They’ll be on the lookout for incorrect use of footpaths, verges, ACROD bays, school zones, timed parking and many other areas, so it’ll be worth your while to make sure you’re diligent when parking within Vincent. 

School Safety

The Vincent rangers are meticulous about protecting the safety of the local school kids. They can often be found patrolling schools in the local area to ensure cars are parked sensibly. Any illegal or irresponsible parking is not permitted and as a motorist, we encourage you to observe any and all traffic restrictions and parking signs. If you do commit a parking offence, a ranger will have no choice but to issue an infringement notice. Rules are rules! (And think of the children!) 

More Information

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