Community consultation

What is happening in your neighbourhood is important to you. This is why the City of Vincent wants its community to be consulted on its projects.

Community consultation is about informing and involving the local community in our decision-making process.  It is open to everyone - residents, non-residents, business proprietors, stakeholders or the general public.

On this page, you will learn more about how you can stay informed and share your feedback with us.

Submit your feedback

You can provide your feedback on any ongoing project by the City of Vincent.

To be valid, your submission needs to:

  • Be in a written format. It can be digital or hard copy.
    If you are unable to write your feedback, contact our customer service team for assistance. Visit our Contact page for information on accessible contact options. 
  • Address a project open for consultation. If the consultation has already closed, your feedback will still be acknowledged. It might not impact the decision-making process if this has been completed.
  • Include your personal details. Personal details include full name and at least one way to contact you (address, email, phone, etc.). Please note we will not disclose or publish your personal data without your permission.

You can submit your feedback via:

Imagine Vincent

The City of Vincent created Imagine Vincent, an online platform making community consultation easier.

Imagine Vincent regroups all our projects open for consultation. Each project has thorough details, documents and instructions to share your feedback.

You can share your feedback via a form, survey, attending a forum or a working group. You can also subscribe to projects to stay informed during each update.

Explore our projects open for consultation now via Imagine Vincent.

Imagine Vincent - Community Consultation Portal

More information

For more information about community consultation, you can access our policy and strategies below:

Community and Stakeholder Engagement Policy

Town Planning Community Consultation - Frequently Asked Questions

Strategic Planning Documents

Accessible Contact information

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