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What does ‘Community Consultation’ mean?

The term “Community Consultation” covers the range of activities that the City utilises to support the involvement of residents, non-residents, business proprietors, stakeholders, general public and other members of the community in the decision-making process.

We recognise that what is happening in your neighbourhood is important to you. With this in mind, the City ensures that the local community is given the opportunity to find out about all the current matters out for consultation, which are displayed at the links below. 

How do I provide feedback on the below items out for comment?

You are welcome to participate in, and provide feedback on, the proposals below – this helps us in our decision-making. 

There are a number of ways you can get involved, from submitting your comments on a form, to attending a forum or being part of a working group. You’ll find the specific details on how to participate within each proposal. 

To also assist you in making a submission we have prepared the Community Consultation Policy and its Guidelines and Procedures which further details the process and how to have your say. You can view this on our policies web page here – see Policy 4.1.5.

If you wish to provide feedback on any of the below items, we do require written feedback on our standard Submission form (available within each item below, or you can call us and we'll post a form out to you, or drop in to see us and we'll give you one). By 'in writing' we mean email, handwritten, facsimile, or via the (easy) online web form on the pages below. 

We do also need your personal details but note that these will never be disclosed or published (eg: in Council Agendas) without your expressed consent. 

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your comments and feedback.

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