At the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on 11 October 2011 the decision was made to establish a Design Advisory Committee and adopt Policy No. 4.2.13 relating to the Design Advisory Committee. The Committee has been formed to provide independent expert advice to the City’s Council and Administration, and applicants on the design and site planning of specified development proposals prior to the submission of a Development Application. This includes, but is not limited to, architectural and urban design elements, amenity, landscape architecture and environmental sustainability.

The Committee facilitates an improvement in urban design and the quality of the built environment within the City of Vincent through the provision of information, expert advice and recommendations.

The Committee provides professional and technical advice, in a non adversarial and informal manner, to the City’s Administration and the Council in relation to the design of buildings and other related matters. The Committee performs an advisory function only and does not make decisions on or approve applications.

The Committee's role is to:

  • To provide the City of Vincent with high level independent expert advice and expertise on urban design, architecture, landscape design, sustainability and heritage in relation to proposals referred to the Committee for consideration.
  • To act in an advisory capacity on specified proposals with respect to matters including, but not limited to:
    1. The overall built form merits;
    2. The quality of architectural design including its relationship to the adjoining development;
    3. The relationship with and impact on the broader public realm and streetscape;
    4. The impact on the character of the precinct, including its impact upon heritage structures, significant natural features and landmarks;
    5. The extent to which the proposal is designed to be resource efficient, climatically appropriate, responsive to climate change and a contribution to environmental sustainability, including TOD principles;
    6. The demonstration of other qualities of best practice urban design including Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design performance, protection of important view corridors and lively civic places.

Applications to be Referred to the Committee

Applications for planning approval for proposed development (Development Applications) in the following categories are to be referred to the Committee for their consideration and comment:

  1. Non-residential and mixed-used development, 4 storeys and higher or in the opinion of the Chief Executive Officer/Director Planning Services is likely to have a significant impact on the locality or the City;
  2. Ten (10) or more residential dwellings;
  3. Commercial development directly abutting land zoned residential; and
  4. all Multiple Dwellings Development in accordance with Policy No. 7.4.8 relating to Multiple Dwellings in Residential Zones; and
  5. Development, not of the kind referred to in items (a-d) above, but which, in the opinion of the Chief Executive Officer or Council, is:
    • of a complex or contentious nature;
    • likely to be of significant interest to the community;
    • involves unusual or unconventional design elements; or
    • is likely to benefit from referral from the Design Advisory Committee.

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