5 April 2022

Tuesday, April 5, 2022





Council Briefing Notes

Item 10.1 Memorials in Public Places and Reserves Policy - Replacement Attachment 1

1        Declaration of Opening / Acknowledgement of Country

2        Apologies / Members on Leave of Absence

3(A)   Public Question Time and Receiving of Public Statements 

3(B)  Response to Previous Public Questions Taken on Notice

4        Applications for Leave of Absence

         Mayor Cole requests a leave of absence from 11 – 14 April 2022.

5        The Receiving of Petitions, Deputations and Presentations

6        Confirmation of Minutes

7        Announcements by the Presiding Member (Without Discussion)

8        Declarations of Interest 

9        Strategy and Development

9.1      No. 128A (Lot: 2; STR: 80812) Harold Street, Mount Lawley - Proposed Alterations and Additions to Grouped Dwelling

9.2     No 4. (Lot:235; D/P: 1237) Ethel Street, North Perth - Proposed Two Grouped Dwellings

9.3      Proposed Amendment No. 9 to Local Planning Scheme No. 2 - No. 21 (Lot: 373; D/P: 1939) Eucla Street, Mount Hawthorn

9.4      Amendment to the City's Trees of Significance Inventory to include the Jacaranda Tree at No. 54 Lincoln Street, Highgate

10       Infrastructure & Environment

10.1    Outcome of Advertising and Adoption of Amendments to Memorials in Public Places and Reserves Policy

          Replacement Attachment 1

10.2    Outcome of advertising and adoption of amendments to Parking Permits Policy

10.3    Tender IE179/2022 Hyde Park West Toilet Refurbishment and Cafe Kiosk

10.4    North Perth Traffic Calming - Public Consultation Results

11       Community and Business Services

11.1     Repeal of Council Logo Policy

11.2     Authorisation of Expenditure for the Period 1 February 2022 to 28 February 2022

11.3     Investment Report as at 28 February 2022

11.4     Financial Statements as at 28 February 2022

12       Chief Executive Officer

12.1     Advertising of Amended Policy - CEO Annual Performance Review

12.2     Advertising of Amended Policy - Policy No. 4.1.09 - Flying and Displaying of Flags and Banners

12.3     Report and Minutes of the Audit Committee Meeting held on 16 March 2022

12.4     Outcome of Advertising and Adoption of Code of Conduct Behaviour Complaints Management Policy and Appointment of Complaints Officer

12.5     Responses to motions carried at the Annual Meeting of Electors held on 2 February 2022

12.6     Vincent Underground Power Project (VUPP) WITHDRAWN BY ADMINISTRATION

            Item 12.6 More Detailed Maps    Mt Lawley      Highgate      Mt Hawthorn

12.7     Information Bulletin

13      Motions of Which Previous Notice Has Been Given 

14      Questions by Members of Which Due Notice Has Been Given (Without Discussion)

15      Representation on Committees and Public Bodies 

16     Urgent Business

17     Confidential Items/Matters For Which The Meeting May Be Closed

18     Closure