17 August 2021

Tuesday, August 17, 2021


The full agenda will be uploaded before the meeting on 17 August 2021.


Council Briefing Notes


Minutes Attachments

1        Declaration of Opening / Acknowledgement of Country

2        Apologies / Members on Leave of Absence

3(A)   Public Question Time and Receiving of Public Statements 

3(B)  Response to Previous Public Questions Taken on Notice

4        Applications for Leave of Absence

5        The Receiving of Petitions, Deputations and Presentations

6        Confirmation of Minutes

7        Announcements by the Presiding Member (Without Discussion)

8        Declarations of Interest 

8.1    Cr Joanne Fotakis declared an impartiality interest in Item 12.1 Proposed Lease to Robertson Park  Artists' Studio.  The extent of her interest is that she served on the Arts Advisory Group with one of the lessees.

9       Strategy and Development

9.1     Nos. 177 - 179 (Lot: 7; S/P: 35040) Carr Place, Leederville: Proposed Nine Grouped Dwellings

9.2     Local Planning Policy No. 7.5.15 - Character Streets (Formerly Character and Heritage Areas) Approval for Advertising

10      Infrastructure and Environment

10.1    E-Permits Implementation Progress Report

10.2    Tender IE110/2021 Pruning of Street Trees Using Elevated Work Platforms

10.3    Tender IE109/2021 Removal of Trees and Pruning of Trees Within Parks and Reserves

10.4    Waste Strategy Project 8 - Commercial Waste Service Update

11       Community and Business Services

11.1    Investment Report as at 30 June 2021

11.2    Advertising of Amendments to Community Funding Policy

11.3    Authorisation of Expenditure for the Period 1 June 2021 to 30 June 2021

11.4    Provisional Financial Statements as at 30 June 2021

11.5    Adoption of Corporate Business Plan 2021/22 - 2024/25 and Four Year Capital Works Program 2021/22 - 2024/25

12      Chief Executive Officer

12.1    Proposed Lease to Robertson Park Artists' Studio

12.2    Council Proceedings Guidelines and minor amendment to Meeting Procedures Policy

12.3    Information Bulletin

13      Motions of Which Previous Notice Has Been Given 

14      Questions by Members of Which Due Notice Has Been Given (Without Discussion)

15      Representation on Committees and Public Bodies 

16     Urgent Business

17     Confidential Items/Matters For Which The Meeting May Be Closed

18     Closure 

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