Incredibly Inconvenient Pandemic Game

Sonny Yang and Alice McCullagh
An absurdist video game that reflects our reality over the past few months. It will include the dramatisation of every day events, such as dealing with supply shortages in grocery stores.
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Beseech Face Mask

Sarah Chopra
Sarah Chopra has made and installed a face mask for Vincent’s famous Big Blue Head, to reflect the COVID times we live in.
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Care In Isolation

JOY Artists Collective
Care In Isolation is a playful reminder of the importance of self care in tough times.
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Poetic Proximity

Maddie Godfrey
A series of poetry workshops to empower members of the public to write their own poems. The lessons will revolve around the themes of belonging, home and identity.
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Mighty Raw

Matt Aitken and Jennifer Jamieson
A Social Commentary Box aims to recruit footy diehard fans young and old to develop a community led football commentator team. Participants will attend free sports broadcasting workshops and provide commentary for two live AFL games, to help keep...
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Three Oil Paintings

Jane Coffey
Three oil paintings that reflect our town centres when they were stripped of people during lockdown. The works will encourage the community to think differently about these spaces.
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Paula Hart
Columns of aluminium sheeting featuring a cut-out snowflake-style pattern. The light inside will create extraordinary shadows and patterns.
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The Space Between Us

Roly Skender and Kate Rae
Art project examines the distance and connection in a changing world and asks the audience to politely stand further away to see the full picture.
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Looking for Eye Contact

Jennifer Jamieson
This visual art installation and performative community encounter will see a neon sign ‘looking for eye contact’ installed in a public location in Vincent.
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Liz Gray
This artwork will show five, partially painted and engraved cut-out copper figures, depicting a range of every day Vincent characters, interacting through the socially distanced space of 1.5 metres apart.
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Ghost Party

Tanya Schultz
Ghost Party is an excessive celebratory dreamscape that reflects the current time where we can only dream of a possible future when we can all party together again.
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