Visual Arts

Care In Isolation

JOY Artists Collective

A horizontally spaced mural in North Perth that gives us a playful reminder of the compartmentalisation of social distancing and importance of self-care in isolation. The mural acts as a powerful marker of our times, of community resilience and the great work everyone has contributed against the crisis, as well as the ongoing importance of self-care and community.

Care In Isolation is a playful reminder of the importance of self care in tough times.

It celebrates resilience and love in the face of lost intimacy, expression, support and personal freedoms. It emphasises that at the end of the day, you matter and taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of others.

It can be seen on the corner or Fitzgerald and Wasley St North Perth.


JOY Artists Collective
JOY Artists Collective is a team of local creatives, including Jacqui Britto, Oliver Kellow, Iwan Isnin and Yang Yang Lee. The group comes from an array of different disciplines and works together to experiment and test ideas for simply joy, the playfulness of creating interaction and discourse within communities and amongst members of the public.