Visual Arts

Beseech Face Mask

Sarah Chopra

Sarah Chopra has made and installed a face mask for Vincent’s famous Big Blue Head, to reflect the COVID times we live in.

The big blue head that watches over the City of Vincent – more formally known as Beseech by local artist Ken Sealey – has been fitted with a supersized face mask.

The mask was hand sewn by Vincent local and hobby sewer Sarah Chopra during last week’s five-day lockdown.

Sarah put the giant mask together using her domestic sewing machine after she was given one of our Arts Relief Grants.

“The big blue head is a recognisable feature for the public and I felt that making this mask would bring the community together and acknowledge that we are all in this together,” said Sarah.

“The last year hasn’t been easy for many people and I would like to think that this display is offering support and recognition of mental health and people experiencing isolation.”

This latest project reflects our most current experience of living with coronavirus and masking up, and reminds us that slowing the spread of the virus is something we can all help achieve.


Sarah Chopra
Sarah Chopra is a local resident to City of Vincent and is a practising naturopath, yoga teacher, meditation facilitator and clinical hypnotherapist. She helps women create healthy rituals to live an abundant life. Sarah’s values include connection, inclusion, family, education and community. Sarah tries to live by example and readily involves herself in creative projects to share her message and values.