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Incredibly Inconvenient Pandemic Game

Sonny Yang and Alice McCullagh

Sonny Yang's Incredibly Inconvenient Pandemic Game is a choose your own adventure game, documenting the trials and tribulations of our main character (Sonny Yang) as he rushes around the City of Vincent and surrounds, trying to prepare for the mysterious "YOGID-19" pandemic (a virus caused by eating bad yogurt). His quest is complicated by the nefarious Dareth Schamren, and other "YOGID-19" related trials and tribulations. 

When COVID 19 hit, all stand up comedy venues were shut overnight. As stand up comics, our creative plans were derailed. A few comics took their shows online via things like Zoom, but Sonny and Alice wanted to explore different ways to do comedy using the internet. So, they created an interactive comedy video game that people could enjoy at home and all around the world. 

The game was inspired by retro choose your own adventure games, such as Monkey Island and Starship Titanic. They wanted to take that format, and set it in a familiar place with familiar events. The 'adventure game' style is also a continuation of another one of Sonny's projects, 'Sonny Yang's Incredibly Stupid Adventure Game', which was performed at Perth Fringe in 2020 and 2021. 

The game can be played on mobile devices or desktop computer.

You can play the game at:

Sonny Yang and Alice McCullagh
Fellow stand-up comedian and co-collaborator on the Vincent based video game, Perth’s Sonny Yang, has written, produced and performed various shows for comedy and arts festivals including Perth Fringe World and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. A computer programmer, artist and stand-up comedian from Northbridge, Alice McCullagh likes to use technology creatively to make weird and wonderful things, like a COVID-19 based choose-your-own-adventure video game set in the City of Vincent.