Vincent's Electric Cars

Published: Wednesday, 23 October 2019 at 11:59:05 AM

Half of Vincent’s passenger fleet is now made up of either hybrid or 100% electric cars as the City aims to be more sustainable and reduce its carbon emissions.

“We are strongly on target to achieve our aim of having 50% zero emission cars by 2024 and 100% zero emission cars by 2030, as set out in our latest Sustainable Environment Strategy 2019 – 2024” said Mayor Emma Cole.

“The City of Vincent has been working towards more sustainable fleet vehicles since 2011 when our Sustainable Environment Strategy 2011 - 2016 was endorsed. That plan had an action to downsize our fleet and monitor developments in more sustainable vehicle technology. The aim was to purchase electric cars as their prices became competitive.”

The City purchased its first fully electric car in 2013 and, from 2018 onwards, it has been standard practice to buy only hybrid or fully electric cars, as replacements were needed.
With the recent replacement of two older cars for two Nissan Leaf 100% electric cars, 50% of the City’s fleet is now hybrid or fully electric. One of the cars will be used by the City Rangers and the other as a general fleet vehicle.

“We know that the impacts of climate change are a major concern for our community and we want to lead by example. Whilst we are a small inner city Council, we believe that demonstrating local action and leading with our own organisational change is an important part of a more sustainable future. We can all contribute in some way, big or small,” said Mayor Cole.

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