Red tape amnesty on Beaufort Street

Published on Wednesday, 24 July 2019 at 10:50:33 AM

Vincent Council has agreed to a 12 month amnesty on Change of Use applications on Beaufort Street to make it easier for new businesses to fill vacant spaces.

At the 23 July Council meeting an amendment to the City’s Minor Nature Development policy was passed to cut red tape for new businesses on Beaufort, between Walcott and Bulwer Streets The amendment means that they don’t need to apply to the City for development approvals to change the approved use for the first 12 months.

“Making this change to policy means that new businesses can simply move in and give things a go on the street without waiting and paying for development approvals. It is about clearly saying – Beaufort Street is open for business!” said Mayor Emma Cole.

“We know that vacant businesses impact the health of the whole street. We want to step out of the way and let new businesses test an idea and move in as soon as they can. If they are successful, we can then work with them on the approvals they need further down the track.”

The City has been looking at ways to help the struggling Beaufort Street strip and identified that Change of Use development approvals are one barrier that can be temporarily removed. The 12 month amnesty for Change of Use applications starts today, from 24 July 2019 until 23 July 2020. Each new business will be given a full 12 months grace on the Change of Use applications regardless of when they apply within the coming year.

“We listened to the concerns raised by our local business community and have been exploring how we can make things simpler. There are some approvals that we can’t change, such as State heath and building requirements, but we do have discretion around Changes of Use, which can take up to 90 days to be approved.”

“For businesses who are keen to move in, we can’t afford to wait. We want to fill vacant tenancies and bring people back to Beaufort as soon as possible,” said Mayor Cole.

The City of Vincent is working with their neighbours, the City of Stirling, on the Vacancy Project to fill the vacant shop fronts on Beaufort Street. Streamlining approvals is the first step of this project.

“This red tape reduction initiative supports our Vacancy Project, but it is open to any new business wanting to start up on Beaufort. We believe this will help bring that much needed diversity the strip, to attract people back and breathe new life into the Street,” she said.

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