Mount Hawthorn Town Centre Place Plan

Published: Thursday, 26 September 2019 at 9:00:00 AM

Last week, Council reviewed community feedback and approved the Mount Hawthorn Town Centre Place Plan.

Place Plans are the City's 'place based' strategic documents that help guide the direction of our town centres. By taking a place-based approach, we can effectively support our unique and vibrant town centres to make Vincent a great place for the whole community.

The Mount Hawthorn Town Centre Place Plan outlines all major initiatives to be implemented in the Mount Hawthorn Town Centre over the next four years and was developed in line with the Mt Hawthorn Hub's strategic Action Plan.

The Place Plan is divided into three key focus areas, each with specific actions and a central goal.

01 | Activity

The first focus area sets out the actions that will help Mount Hawthorn reach its activation and economic potential.

02 | Movement

The actions in the second focus area will enhance the pedestrian and cycling environment in the town centre.

03 | Character

The third and final focus area aims to strengthen the town centre's unique sense of place.

Actions for 2019/20

The projects and actions in the Mount Hawthorn Town Centre Place Plan that will commence or be delivered this financial year are detailed below.

Investigate banner poles along Oxford Street North Activity
Prepare Axford Park Upgrade Phase 1 Detailed Design Activity
Identify actions to improve the night time economy Activity
Install LED street lights along Scarborough Beach Road Activity
Investigate lighting improvements in Flinders Street Car Park Activity
Implement solar Lighting in lanes between Oxford Street and Flinders Street Activity
Undertake consultation to identify a preferred location for a future youth space Activity
Plan and facilitate Scarborough Beach Road/Oxford Street intersection improvements Movement
Rationalise the parking management of the car parks adjoining Fairfield Street and Flinders Street Movement
Install decorative lighting at the Anzac Road roundabout Movement
Advocate for a 30km/h speed zone along Oxford Street North Movement
Advocate for the extension of the 40km/h Zone east and west along Scarborough Beach Road Movement
Undertake a streetscape audit to determine opportunities for streetscape improvements Character
Develop a Mt Hawthorn Streetscape Palette Character
Determine a preferred location for an iconic town centre artwork in consultation with the community Character
Investigate the potential to underground power along Oxford Street North and Hobart Street Character
Negotiate the beautification of Lot 100 Scarborough Beach road Character

To view the Mount Hawthorn Town Centre Place Plan, click below.

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