Town Centre Place Plans

The City of Vincent Town Centre Place Plans Volume Series has been developed as a set of ‘place based’ strategic documents to guide the direction of funding and resources in the City’s town centres. The documents guide the implementation of all major initiatives in the town centres.

The Town Centre Place Plans (Place Plans) are split into the following volumes.

Volume 01

Sets out the strategic direction for all of the City’s town centre and outlines the projects (including associated funding and resources) which are common to all town centres.

Volume 02 to 06

Include the Place Plans specific to each town centre. Each volume relates to one of the City’s five town centres and outlines the funding and resources the City has specifically committed to each individual town centre. Volumes 02 to 06 have been developed as comprehensive standalone documents, which build upon the detailed information relating to all of the town centres in Volume 01.

The Place Plans direct the City’s service units to deliver a range of place-based initiatives and enable the City to effectively support and coordinate change.

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Archived Place Plans

2018 Volume 01 Vincent Town Centre Place Plans

2018 Volume 02 North Perth Town Centre Place Plan

2019 Volume 02 North Perth Town Centre Place Plan

2019 Volume 03 Mount Hawthorn Town Centre Place Plan