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Published on Tuesday, 16 June 2020 at 2:08:49 PM

The City of Vincent is looking to transform recreational zoned land on Haynes Street into a beautiful park filled with native plants, picnic tables and plenty of activities for kids.

The draft Haynes Street Development Plan outlines the City’s vision for three adjoining lots of land on the corner of Haynes and Sydney streets in North Perth.

After initial community consultation, the draft plan aims to transform the area into a park in stages in an effort to balance the needs of existing tenants while returning the land to recreational use and green space for the wider community to enjoy.

The draft vision for the park includes a play space, nature play, a scooter course and basketball and netball rings. The park would also include native gardens, a barbeque and picnic tables scattered around the two play areas.

The City is hoping to get more community input into the draft development plan, as well as a landscape plan and the transition plan for the site, which is currently home to three buildings.

Under the proposed transition plan, the building at 31 Sydney Street would be removed and converted to a park from July next year. The buildings at 15 Haynes Street, including one that is currently home to childcare centre Kidz Galore Kyilla, would not be removed until the end of 2025.

This plan would give the owners of Kidz Galore time to transition to the permanent home they have been looking for without disrupting the kids who are currently enrolled. It would also ensure the City complies with a recently uncovered 1941 Deed of Trust that legally requires us to use 15 Haynes Street for public recreation.

“After working closely with the current leaseholders, Kidz Galore owners and families and the wider North Perth community, we think this plan strikes the right balance,” said Mayor Emma Cole.

“We are in need of more parks and green space in North Perth as our community grows and this was clearly identified in Vincent’s Public Open Space Strategy.

“It was very important to me that we returned the land to a park as sensitively as possible and I am very pleased to have the support of the local community and Kidz Galore in reaching this outcome.

“By transitioning this recreational land back to a park over a five year period, we can help secure the future of Kidz Galore in the City of Vincent while creating a beautiful big park with lots of space for kids to run around.

“This unique, north facing parkland will not only benefit the community, it will also ensure we comply with the Deed of Trust.”

The land at 15 Haynes Street was gifted to the City of Perth by James Ewart in 1927. In 1941, a caveat was registered on the title to make sure the land was always used as a park. A structure had already been built on the land when it was handed over to the City of Vincent in 1995.

“We are pleased with the mutually beneficial outcome the Mayor Emma Cole, CEO David Maclennan and the City of Vincent Council have reached with Kidz Galore,” said Kidz Galore director Sue Turner.

“The Haynes Street Development Plan allows five years from 2021 for us to relocate to new premises within the City of Vincent.

“This time perimeter gives assurance to all our new families that their children can see their early childhood years through its entirety without interruption.”

It is proposed the City considers converting the carpark at 25 Sydney Street to a residential area to help fund the park facilities, but any sale would have to be considered by Council in the future.

The City is inviting comment on the draft Haynes Street Development Plan until 13 July.

To find out more or to share your thoughts, visit imagine.vincent.wa.gov.au or contact the City at mail@vincent.wa.gov.au or on 9273 6000.

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