Audit Committee

The City of Vincent Audit committee is responsible for the reviewing and making recommendations to Council regarding financial management, risk management, internal controls, legislative compliance, internal and external audit planning and reporting.  

Recommendations from the Committee to Council will be presented to a subsequent Council Meeting for approval.

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Terms of Reference

Audit CommitteeVOTING DELEGATESstaff attendees(non voting)

Meetings start at 1pm.

Meetings are not open to the public.

Minutes are available to the public - see below 

Council Members (voting)
1.  Cr Loden
2.  Cr Gontaszewski
3.  Cr Topelberg (Deputy  Chair)
4.  Cr Wallace

External Members (voting)

1. Ms Elizabeth Hunt
2. Mr Conley Manifis (Chair)
3. Mr Robert Piper

Mr David MacLennan, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Meluka Bancroft, Executive Manager Corporate Strategy & Governance

Ms Virginia Miltrup, Executive Director Community & Business Services

Ms Vanisha Govender, Executive Manager Financial Services

Ms Wendy Barnard, Council Liaison Officer

External Auditors (annually)

Significant Audit Finding in 2018/19 - Asset Sustainability Ratio 

The City’s auditor, Moore Stephens, identified a significant audit finding - non-compliance with the Asset Sustainability Ratio, in the City’s external audit for the year ended 30 June 2019:

"The Asset Sustainability Ratio has been below the DLGSC standard for all three years reported in the annual financial report.”

To City's response to the significant audit finding is as follows:

  • The City has prepared a Asset Sustainability Ratio Action Plan to address this.
  • The Plan was considered by the Audit Committee at its 3 March 2020 Meeting (Item 5.2) and adopted by Council at its 17 March 2020 meeting (Item 11.12) (here).
  • In accordance with section 7.12A of the Local Government Act 1995 a copy of the Plan has been provided to the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, along with the relevant Audit Committee and Council minutes (see below).


3 March 2020 Confirmed Minutes
5 May 2020 Confirmed Minutes
30 June 2020 Unconfirmed Minutes
1 September 2020
3 November 2020


11 June 2019 Confirmed Minutes
27 August 2019 Confirmed Minutes
26 November 2019 Confirmed Minutes

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