9 February 2021

Tuesday, February 9, 2021



Please note:  The start date of this meeting has been moved to 6.30pm to allow for the Annual General Meeting of Electors which will start at 5.30pm.

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PLEASE NOTE:  Item 5.4 Amendment No. 4 to Local Planning Policy No. 7.5.15 - Character Retention and Heritage Areas. Relating to Guidelines for The Boulevarde, Kalgoorlie Street, Matlock Street and Buxton Street has been withdrawn by administration to allow nominators and owners to be informed that the matter is being presented to Council.  

Item 6.1 Proposed Parking Restriction – Broome and Wright Streets, Highgate - Including Attachment 1

Replacement page 384 - Attachment 2 to Item 6.3 E Permit Implementation Update - graph was included in the report.

Item 5.5 Amendment No. 6 to Local Planning Scheme No. 2 and Amendment No. 1 to Local Planning Policy No. 7.4.5 - Temporary Accommodation

Replacement Attachment 3

Replacement Attachment 4

Additional Item 8.5 Appointment of Complaints Officer and Adoption of Complaint form - Model Code of Conduct

Plans uploaded separately.

Item 5.1 Nos  201-203 Oxford Street, Leederville

Item 5.2 No 526 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth

Item 5.3 No 50 Barlee Street, Mt Lawley - Proposed Single House

Council Briefing Notes

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