Incredibly Inconvenient Pandemic Game

Sonny Yang and Alice McCullagh
An absurdist video game that reflects our reality over the past few months. It will include the dramatisation of every day events, such as dealing with supply shortages in grocery stores.
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Jazz in the Park

Lucy Iffla, WAYJO, and MELVE
This free community event supports our local artists and features four local jazz ensembles, as well as a range of family friendly activities.
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Poetic Proximity

Maddie Godfrey
A series of poetry workshops to empower members of the public to write their own poems. The lessons will revolve around the themes of belonging, home and identity.
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Ghost Party

Tanya Schultz
Ghost Party is an excessive celebratory dreamscape that reflects the current time where we can only dream of a possible future when we can all party together again.
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