Sophie Greer

Ward: South Ward  

Hello, I'm Sophie Greer, your local Greens candidate! I have lived and worked in our community for nearly a decade.
Together, we have the power to build the culture of our community and address the challenges that unite us.

I am excited about the opportunity to work with you, and work for you, to find ways to use our collective resources to improve the services our council offers to help relieve the cost-of-living pressures we're experiencing. Our Community need extra support for childcare and playspaces, access to nutritious and affordable food, and finding ways to support our renters and first-home owners transitioning from fixed-rate mortgages.

From talking to our community, I've heard clearly that as a community we want our council to go further and faster on climate action, we want to make the most of our precious green spaces, nurture our thriving arts community, and look after each other when we are in need.

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