North Perth Town Hall

North Perth Town Hall

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This page features general information about the North Perth Town Hall and specific details about the room that is available for hire including fees and charges, as well as instructions for making a booking and contact details for enquiries.

Location and parking

North Perth Town Hall is located on View Street in North Perth and has a warm and inviting atmosphere with historical value.  Located next to the beautiful Multicultural Gardens, this community facility has a main function room that can cater for up to 200 people (standing).  The community facility is available for daytime and evening functions.  Street parking is available for patrons of the hall, though please note, these may also be utilised by members of the public attending the Multicultural Gardens and the North Perth Lesser Hall.


North Perth Town Hall has a main function room that is available for hire on a casual or regular basis.

North Perth Town Hall Amenities
Wooden Floors Ceiling Fans Domestic Grade kitchen Stove
Internal toilets Servery  Oven Urn
Fridge 180 Chairs 20 Trestle Tables Curtains 
 Stage Spotlights limited Parking Bays  

Fees and charges

The following fees and charges are for room hire at the North Perth Town Hall. The City of Vincent’s Council endorses the fees in July each year and they are applicable until 30 June. A bond, also known as a security deposit, is charged against all rentals.

Fees and Charges - Day

Facility Use

Rate (per hour)








Bonds and Other Charges

Facility bond

$0 min to $5000 max

Replacement of lost key


Cancellation fee


Late booking fee


The hire of community facilities be subject to a bond the fee applicable is determined through the booking process.

North Perth Town Hall Interior

Floor Plan

To view a plan of North Perth Lesser Hall, please click here

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How to make a booking

To hire North Perth Town Hall an application form must completed and submitted online which initiates the booking process.  To make an online booking, please click here

Before submitting an application form, the below instructions must be accepted/undertaken.

  1.  There must be at least 5 business days (three weeks) until the first booking date.
  2. The Terms and Conditions of Hire must be read and understood.
  3. The submission of an application form does not, in any way, guarantee or confirm the booking.
  4. The booking process can take up to five business days from receipt of the application form.

 Administration and general enquiries

North Perth Town Hall is an unmanned/unstaffed facility and is administered from the City of Vincent Administration and Civic Centre. The below details may be used to check centre suitability/availability, submit an application form, or to make any other general enquiries.

Community Partnerships

City of Vincent

Administration and Civic Centre

244 Vincent (corner Loftus)



Direct Telephone (08) 9273 6000

Direct Email