Youth Action Plan to guide Council

Published on Friday, 14 February 2020 at 2:11:40 PM

The City of Vincent is excited to be developing its first Youth Action Plan to help Council build a youth-friendly city that meets the needs of young people in the community.

The plan will be aimed at helping our youth reach their full potential and will ensure Vincent reflects the needs, priorities and ambitions of young people as it continues to grow and change.

“Young people are not only Vincent’s future, they are our present,” said Mayor Emma Cole.

“It is important we have a plan in place that empowers, connects, supports and advocates for our youth.

“We want this plan to capture the voices of as many young people as possible and to be representative of their diverse backgrounds, interests and passions.”

Over the next few months, the City’s Community Partnerships team will be chatting to 12-25 year olds at community events, including the Perth Lit Crawl, Hyde Park Fair and St Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival. The team will also be popping up at coffee shops, skate parks, parks, sporting events and training groups.

The consultation process kicked off at the Lunar New Year Lantern Festival on Sunday, where more than 100 young people had their say about what they would like to see in Vincent.

The City is also pleased to be offering young people the chance to win $250 just by filling out a three-minute survey online at

The information that is gathered will be used to develop an ambitious but achievable Youth Action Plan that demonstrates Council’s commitment to supporting young people. It will provide Council with a strategic document that recognises the valuable contribution young people make in our community.

“This plan will be for our youth and in the voices of our youth,” said Mayor Cole.

“It will provide a clear direction and consistency for Council and will ensure we understand what youth really need and want when we are making decisions.”

To share your ideas or vision for the Youth Action Plan, visit the Imagine Vincent website or contact

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