Waste truck fire on Lincoln St Highgate

Published on Monday, 20 November 2023 at 12:49:09 PM

Clean up is complete on Lincoln Street in Highgate after a vehicle fire forced a Cleanaway truck to dump rubbish on the road.

The fire was caused by lithium batteries being placed in a residential general waste bin.

The truck driver followed correct procedures to dump the approximately 7 tonnes of waste in a safe open space on a local street to prevent the fire spreading through the truck.

Traffic management was in place while the Department of Fire and Emergency Services attended to put out the fire.

Following this, Cleanaway cleared the waste before the City of Vincent’s Waste operations crew swept and cleaned the street.

All batteries are classified as Household Hazardous Waste.

"Batteries cannot be placed in any kerbside bins as they may cause fires in bins or waste trucks which present an environmental and health risk to the community and our Waste collection staff," said CEO David MacLennan.

"Residents can take loose batteries and old rechargeable devices to convenient drop-off points at local supermarkets, office supply shops and local libraries.

"Battery powered devices can also be brought along for recycling to our E-Waste Drop-off Day. Our next event is happening on 3 February 2024.

"We have five City of Vincent Recycling Stations at easy to access points for residents to drop-off household batteries, fluorescent globes and CFL tube lights, mobile phones and ink cartridges. These items are hazardous and should never be put in your kerbside bins.

"Find our recycling stations at City of Vincent Library, Beatty Park Leisure Centre, Hawaiian's Mezz (outside Woolworths), North Perth Plaza Shopping Centre (outside Coles) and Woolworths Highgate.

"Batteries contain valuable resources which can be recycled through the B-Cycle program, but not through kerbside recycling. Components and metals are separated, melted and recycled into new products such as new batteries, street lights, car parts and steel frames for houses.

“We encourage local residents to check their annual waste and recycling guide or visit the Recycle Right® website for a comprehensive A-Z guide of what they can and cannot place in their kerbside bins.”

To find your nearest recycling or drop-off centre in the Perth metropolitan area, to dispose of items which can't go in your kerbside bins, visit the Recycle Right® website, or download the app.

For more information, visit the City's hazardous waste webpage.

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