Top End of Woodville Reserve gets Spruced

Published on Tuesday, 21 December 2021 at 2:12:21 PM

Council has endorsed plans to spruce up the North West corner of Woodville Reserve on Namur Street in North Perth.

As part of the Woodville Reserve Landscape Plan the top end of the reserve will be beautified and made more welcoming to the community with more trees.

There will also be better use of the green open space, new reticulation, more native plants, removal or restoration of existing fencing and the inclusion of a gazebo and seating.

Through community consultation it was communicated that the Landscape Plan would improve the amenity of Woodville Reserve, ahead of a proposed longer-term Master Plan.

Woodville Reserve currently contains several community facilities and incorporates a turf sporting field, outdoor playground, and an informal nature play area which are all accessible to the public.

The community facilities at Woodville Reserve have developed incrementally over time and are mostly identified as single use amenities that are nearing end of life.

Key objectives of The Landscape Plan include;

  • Create a more inviting, accessible, safe, and useable public open space.
  • Improve connectivity and wayfinding across the site.
  • Provide additional nature-based recreation opportunities and play elements.
  • Provide additional tree canopy and natural eco-zoning/vegetation.
  • Provide additional opportunities for passive recreation.

Mayor Emma Cole said Council’s vision was to create a landscape plan for the quieter top end of the reserve that could be easily incorporated into a proposed future Master Plan for the entire reserve.

“While we are planning to do a Master Plan for the whole of Woodville Reserve in the future, we wanted to do something immediate and affordable now, so that our community can make the most of the top end of Woodville Reserve,’’ she said.

“The interim landscape plan will add more trees, native plants and lawn and offer more places to sit. It will make the reserve more cohesive and level, with more space to kick a ball around or take the dog.

“We’re definitely keeping the popular nature play area for the kids but will be adding more materials to for them to make and build their own fun.”

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