Pickle District Place Plan to support unique arts scene

Published on Friday, 18 June 2021 at 4:55:58 PM

Known for its light industrial charm and emerging arts scene, the Pickle District in West Perth is undergoing an exciting transformation into the City of Vincent's precinct for creative industries.

Developed in collaboration with the local town team, the draft Pickle District Place Plan will guide future development in this relatively unknown pocket of West Perth, improve community access and aim to shore up its future as a creative hub.

Nestled between the City, Leederville and Northbridge, the burgeoning arts precinct is home to art galleries, design and photography studios, a boutique theatre and creative event spaces.

Mayor Emma Cole said the draft Pickle District Place Plan would direct the City’s allocation of funding and resources in the area and include the timing of all major initiatives over the next four years.

“The Pickle District is going through a metamorphosis right now, with its industrial warehouse grit and emerging creative industries combining to be the place where art happens,’’ she said.

“The Place Plan is designed to support this creative vision. The footpaths will become home to “Artlets” for public art and seating and a sculpture walk will draw people to the area.

"We’ll create a main street experience along Cleaver Street, increase greenery and tree planting and add street furniture and bike parking. We will also look into the feasibility of a pedestrian underpass to connect the Pickle District to the Leederville Town Centre.

“The Pickle District is currently one of Vincent’s best kept secrets. We want to see this arts hub thrive into the future and be a secret no more.”

Named after the vinegar brewing and pickle and jam manufacturing factories which operated in the area around 1912, The Pickle District is home to early 20th century warehouses.

Over the years it has evolved into a thriving creative precinct for a number of creative businesses including MAISON, Backlot Cinemas, Holmes a Court Galley, Linton and Kay Galleries, Cleaver Street and Co, Stala Contemporary, Voxlab, Fridays Studio and No. 7 Events.

The Old Pickle Factory still stands 100 years later and is today used as a blank canvas for a range of events, from weddings to corporate launches.

It was most recently the location of a free roving art crawl event - After Dark – which proved immensely popular with the community and art enthusiasts alike.

Linton and Kay Galleries director Linton Partington said as a business owner in the district he was fond of the area’s old fashioned concept of community and welcomed the draft place plan.

“The district needs this as it has been a dark spot for a long time now,’’ he said.

“Its location so close to the CBD and accessible easily from all directions makes it an obvious choice for activation given what has occurred globally for similar locations.

“I am very excited about being a part of this transformation. The more attractive it is to the general public then the better for the businesses.

“As a member of the local community, I am keen to see the progress of the greening and creating more canopy in the area as a contrast to its industrial past.”

Key proposals in the Draft Pickle District Place Plan include;

  • Cleaver Street upgrades – Transform Cleaver into the district’s main street with new road resurfacing, central median trees, street furniture, bicycle parking and improvements to the footpath such as ‘Artlets’ for public art.
  • Golding Street and Strathcona Street improvements – Upgrades will focus on reduced speed on Golding to 30km/hr, improved access to Beatty Park Leisure Centre and increased accessibility for residents, businesses and the public.
  • Drummond Place access - Improve connections for pedestrians and cyclists into the precinct and create a connection from Drummond Place to Loftus Street.
  • Loftus Street pedestrian link – Investigate the feasibility of well-designed pedestrian underpass to link the district to Leederville Town Centre.
  • Create a sculpture walk to improve foot traffic and access from the Pickle District to Leederville.
  • Support the local town team, the Pickle District, to recognise the precinct as being synonymous with creative events.
  • Create a hub for NAIDOC activity in partnership with Aboriginal stakeholders, The Pickle District, and business owners.
  • Work with inner city local governments and State and Federal Governments to identify incentives and support mechanisms to retain and establish creative spaces, creative industries and live music in the Pickle District.

The draft Pickle District Place Plan is available now for community consultation until July 23, 2021

For more information or to view the plan visit:

Imagine Vincent | Pickle District Place Plan

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