Mount Hawthorn Town Centre Place Plan

Published: Wednesday, 17 July 2019 at 1:21:38 PM

The City is committed to creating and enhancing our town centres. By taking a place-based approach, we can effectively support our unique and vibrant town centres to make Vincent a great place for the whole community.

City of Vincent Place Plans

Place Plans are our ‘place based’ strategic documents that help guide the direction of our town centres.

In 2017/18, we developed our first place plan for the North Perth Town Centre and in 2018, we began working on a place plan for the Mount Hawthorn Town Centre in collaboration with the City's local town team for Mount Hawthorn, the Mt Hawthorn Hub.

The Mount Hawthorn Town Centre Place Plan will govern the allocation of funding and resources in the Mount Hawthorn Town Centre and includes a schedule of all major City of Vincent initiatives to be implemented in the town centre over the next four years.

Share your thoughts

A draft Place Plan is now available for viewing and comment on Imagine Vincent until 5pm, 21 August 2019. Alternatively, the draft plan is available for viewing at the City’s Administration Centre and Library & Local History Centre or it can be emailed upon request. Comments can also be submitted in person or emailed to

Following this feedback period, the City will refine the plan before presenting the final plan to Council.

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