Land exchange - to be considered at May meeting

Published: Tuesday, 23 April 2019 at 5:27:00 PM

The City of Vincent and the Sisters of Mercy have come to an in principle agreement to exchange land around Aranmore Catholic Primary School to better align land ownership and create clearer boundaries between City land and school land.

The community consultation on this is closed on 1 April. Thank you to everyone who submitted a comment at submissions will be considered at the 21 May Briefing and 28 May Council Meeting. 

“Currently  the school playgrounds and kindergarten are located on land owned by the City of Vincent and a section of land in the Brentham Street Reserve is owned by the Sisters of Mercy. The purpose of the proposal is to exchange equal portions of land to reflect how the school and the community currently use the land,” said Mayor Emma Cole.

“The proposed exchange equally benefits both the school and the Vincent community and ensures we can better plan for the future. If all proceeds successfully it is anticipated the exchange could occur in 2020.”

The land exchanged would be a 1,761m2  portion of Lot 100 (No. 20) Brentham Street, Leederville, and Lot 37 Brentham Street, Leederville (area of 539m2), for an equal portion (2,300m2) of Lot 75 Brentham Street, Leederville (Brentham Street Reserve).

Because it is an equal exchange of land, no payments would be made to either the Sisters of Mercy (who own the land on which the school is built) or the City.

“In all discussions with the City, the best interests of our students and the school community have been at the forefront. They will continue to be the central consideration as we work out the practicalities of the agreement for the day-to-day operation of the school,” said school board chair Jeff O’Halloran.
“When completed, the school will have a certainty about the land available for future site planning, and a formal arrangement for school use of City land will benefit our students,” he said.
“We are passionate about public open space at the City of Vincent and this exchange would bring accessible public space under City control and open for our community to use. At the same time, Aranmore Primary will have certainty over their playgrounds and fencing.”

“It will also create a more visible and inviting  access way from Brentham Street to the northern portion of the Brentham Street Reserve, which will encourage  more people access and enjoy the parkland,” said Mayor Cole.

Currently Aranmore students access the oval portion of the reserve for play and sporting activities. If the exchange is successful a formal agreement would be put in place to govern this use.  

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