Helping Vincent cafes and restaurants to go mobile

Published: Wednesday, 21 August 2019 at 9:08:43 AM

At last night's Council meeting, the City slashed fees for market food stallholders and removed fees altogether for established food businesses within the City of Vincent to go mobile to attend community events.

Currently not for profit or charitable organisations don’t have to pay a fee to be approved for a food stall at an event. An amendment prepared by Mayor Emma Cole to the City’s food stallholder fee added registered fixed premises food businesses within the City of Vincent to that no fee category.

“It’s one way we are helping our local, established businesses get out into our community. A feature of community events is often mobile food vendors and we want to make it easier for people to support one of our local businesses,” said Mayor Cole.

“This will cover all of our bricks and mortar food businesses – cafes, restaurants, food retailers and bars serving food. These businesses pay an annual fee to be assessed by the City for their premises already, so we are already able to assess food safety and standards this way. We hope that removing the event fee will encourage our local businesses to go mobile and represent at our local events. This can help us activate our public spaces and also bring in new customers to some of our beloved local eateries.”

Included in the fee review was a two thirds reduction in the annual permit fee for medium to high risk market stallholders and a change to make the annual fee to apply to all market locations, so stallholders are encouraged to attend different markets in Vincent.

The City has two regular markets that operate in Vincent, the Kyilla Community Farmers Market and the Mount Hawthorn Hawkers Market. Previously a stallholder would have to pay two annual fees to attend both events.

“The Kyilla P&C and Market Committee told us that our food stallholder fees could be improved, and we have listened. We have reduced medium to high risk stallholder fees by two thirds and now have a cost effective flat rate of $130 per year for all stall holders to operate at any market in Vincent. This will make it simpler and more attractive for vendors to attend our current markets, and may lead to more popping up in Vincent,” said Mayor Cole.

The amendment to the fees and charges will be advertised and should come into effect in approximately six weeks. For more information on food compliance and safety in the City of Vincent contact us on 9273 6000 or

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