Film Project Winners Announced

Published on Thursday, 1 April 2021 at 1:47:56 PM

Emerging filmmakers are once again being given the opportunity to showcase their talent on the big screen thanks to the City of Vincent Film Project.

Now in its fourth year, the annual project commissions three short non-fiction films that are set in, or tell a story about, the Vincent community.

The filmmakers behind There is no Stopping Us, We Had Mail and Pacing the Pool will each receive $7000 to put towards a 10-minute film.

The documentaries will capture the stories behind radio broadcasting, Vincent letterboxes and a person who has been swimming laps at Beatty Park for 30 years.

They will premiere at a special screening at the 2021 Revelation Perth International Film Festival in July.

“We have a wealth of local talent and so many interesting stories in our community,” said Mayor Emma Cole.

“What better way to share these stories and unearth the film talent of the future than through quality documentaries that capture the stories of our life in Vincent.”

"Past participants in the film project have gone on to win international accolades for their work.

“We are very proud to have helped so many talented emerging filmmakers realise their dreams of having their work on the big screen here in Leederville and beyond."

The film project has been recognised for giving early-career filmmakers the chance to break into the screen industry.

"This initiative is very important for emerging filmmakers – the amount of talent, creativity, and drive each participant has for their project is inspiring,” said Executive Producer Ashleigh Nicolau.

"Being able to create a short documentary backed by funding and support from the City of Vincent and Revelation Film festival enables teams to make something worthwhile and of high-quality.

"The short films produced through the City of Vincent Film Project have been honest, authentic, often funny, and or quirky, some are heart-warming, others heartbreaking and even unexpected. They have screened in multiple film festivals, nationally and internationally, and are still winning awards around the world."

The 2021 City of Vincent Film Project winning submissions are:


Radio is an important, powerful, and uniquely personal medium. Throughout its history, it has continued to play a vital role in mass communication, particularly in emergency and crisis situations. Broadcasting 24/7, but what happens when a radio station that is always on air goes into lockdown? Radio silence?..or?

Director - Mel Branson

Producer - Maria Elena Amatulli

Director of Photography - Lewis Potts Quotes from Director Mel Brason: “The aim of the film is to highlight the importance of broadcasting and portray radio as an anchor of positivity in turbulent times for both presenters and listeners (myself included!). I've had lots of friends who have been involved with RTRFM in various ways, and their dedication and passion has always inspired me. So, as a documentary filmmaker, for several years now I’ve been wanting to use my capabilities to help shine a spotlight on RTRFM and show my gratitude for what they do in the only way I know how." Quotes from RTR FM General Manager Simon Miraudo: "Mel Branson, an emerging filmmaker, has the vision to bring this story to life, adding an integral chapter to the history of RTRFM and the City of Vincent. We believe this story deserves to be told: to underscore the trials of this period but also the perseverance and triumph of RTRFM, a City of Vincent mainstay. The story also reflects the character of Vincent too, with its commitment to the arts and generosity of spirit."


A celebration of the letterbox, a somewhat redundant feature of our homes. ‘We Had Mail’ is an ode to the humble and not so humble letterboxes found in the suburbs of the City of Vincent.

Director - Jen Jamieson

Sound designer - Rebecca Riggs-Bennett

Quotes from Director Jen Jamieson: "I’ve always loved the diverse collections of letterboxes in our suburban streets, from ramshackle leaning structures that mail falls out of, to unique, quirky handmade edifices. I’m also from a generation that used to receive mail and still revel in that joy of opening up the letterbox to see a handwritten letter. Our letterboxes are being used less and less for personal mail, and I want to document these unique items before they disappear completely, or just become more uniform and simpler. The static cinematic portraits of local letterboxes will be a nod to the incredible legacy of Frank and Eunice Corley who photographed thousands of suburban homes in Brisbane in the 1960s and a celebration of this at times now a redundant feature of our homes. I have had a long hiatus from making short films and would like to think this gentle and simple documentary can reignite my filmmaking."


For the last 30 years Richard Pace has started each morning swimming laps in the pool at Beatty Park.

Director - Radheya Jegatheva

Producer - Jay Jay Jegathesan

Co-producer - Holly Miller

Director of Photography - Justice Goodrick

1st Assistant Camera - Bailey Simmonds

Quotes from Director Radheya Jegatheva: “Creating 'Pacing the Pool' for the City of Vincent Film Project is an exciting challenge for this very young group of filmmakers and provides the perfect platform to launch their film careers. This team will be sharing the amazing story of the life of Richard Pace...chronicling the triumph of the human spirit, overcoming lifelong illness, and tragedy that took place right in our backyard."

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